10 Best Dry Erase Markers Reviews for 2023 (Updated)

Imagine life without best dry erase markers! It’s hard to believe that prior to the mid-1990s the only markers you had were permanent and not easily erased. With the invention of the whiteboard, it became obvious that permanent markers could not continue to be the only option.  It is no wonder, therefore, that a marker that produces ink that can be easily erased was invented as a solution for whiteboard users.

You might have tried dry erase markers yourself even after a dry erase markers review and found them quite easy, convenient, and fun to use.  These markers are so easy to erase, you don’t need special erasers for the job. A paper towel, rag, or even your hand is enough to easily erase the dry marker on whiteboards. But, what is a dry erase marker really?

A dry erase marker is made of color pigments treated with a chemical solvent and combined with a slippery silicone polymer that prevents permanent adherence to surfaces. It is unlike a permanent marker that uses the acrylic polymer that causes pigment to stick to surfaces.

The dry erase marker works well on smooth surfaces that are not porous. So, for example, you can write on metals, glass, mirrors, as well as the whiteboard for the best effects. The main feature that separates the dry erase from other markers is the ability to remove its marks quickly without leaving smudges and smears.

So let’s look at top dry erase markers that are suitable for you.

10 Best Dry Erase Markers Reviews:

1. Crayola 12 Ct Washable Dry Erase Markers

Crayola 12 Ct Washable Dry Erase Markers(Discontinued by manufacturer)
  • Crayola-Washable dry-erase markers
  • These dry-erase markers will work on any standard dry-erase board
  • They erase easily and completely and will wash clean from clothing and hands
  • 12 bright and bold colors
  • Low Odor ink
  • Washes clean from clothes and skin
  • Mistake-proof creative play for kids
  • Non-toxic. Made in America.

Think of Crayola and the last thing that comes to mind are dry erase markers. Meet the 12 CT Washable Dry Erase Markers that kids can have fun with and without leaving a mess.

You really don’t have the annoying task of cleaning up after your kids and contending with hard to remove colors. These markers are vivid and bright and kids aged four and up will have fun creating and erasing as they play.

The best thing about these top rated dry erase markers is that you can easily wipe ink away from surfaces and wash from clothing. These markers are also low order so they are quite suitable for kids to use at home and in the classroom.  

Parents and teachers will also have fun with these dry erase markers. The only downside is that these are for Crayola whiteboards only so you might find it difficult to erase from other surfaces without a wet cloth.

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2. EXPO 80699 Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers, Chisel Tip, Assorted Colors

EXPO Low Odor Dry Erase Markers, Chisel Tip, Assorted Colors, 12 Count
  • Chisel tip for broad, medium, or fine lines
  • Low-odor ink formula erases cleanly and is ideal for classrooms, offices and home offices
  • For use on whiteboards and most non-porous surfaces
  • Bold color is easy to erase and easy to see from a distance
  • Includes: 12 dry erase markers in assorted colors

You will also have a great time using the Expo 80699 Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers for your fun and creative activities. These markers come in packs of twelve different colors that are sure to liven up any presentation or keep your kids busy.

Certainly, you have many options with these easy to erase yet bold colors from Expo, the brand known for the best dry erase pen on the market. With these markers, you can write your schedules, reminders, notes, presentations, and anything you want to.

When you use it for presentations or in the classroom your audience will clearly see what you write from where they are. You have the option of various tip sizes to choose from – chisel tip, fine point, and bullet point.

These markers are also ideal for the home, classroom, and the office and they are versatile on whiteboards and smooth surfaces. You will also love how easy these markers are to erase at a swipe. Your kids can use these low-odor markers which are also non-toxic and safe.

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3. Marks-A-Lot Dry Erase Marker Set, Assorted Colors

Avery Marks A Lot Dry Erase Markers, Low Odor White Board Markers with Chisel Tip, 8 Assorted Colors (24411)
  • Ink wipes away easily with an eraser or dry cloth, so you can use these dry erase markers freely on a traditional dry erase white board or turn a sheet protector into a reusable document
  • The cap can be left off for up to 24 hours without drying out due to the long-lasting ink formulation
  • Mark smoothly in a variety of line widths, on nonporous surfaces like glass or plastic, with these chisel tip markers
  • Low odor ink is safe for office, school, or home; conforms to ASTM D4236 and ACMI certified to meet federal standards of nontoxicity
  • Pack of 8 assorted white board markers includes black, blue, brown, green, orange, purple, red and yellow colors perfect for practice lessons, chore charts, schedules, to-do lists, note-taking, brainstorming sessions and more

Capture your audience’s attention with these eight brilliant colors from Marks-A-Lot Dry Erase Markers. Their chisel tips are broad enough to make bold lines and you can change the width depending on what you are writing on.

Your strokes can be easily erased from whiteboards, mirrors, glass and other non-porous surfaces. Surprisingly, these top class dry erase markers are not as expensive as competing markers.

Your creativity and fun will be disrupted by markers that run out of juice or dries out quickly. These are durable and long-lasting markers that will certainly give you and your kids loads of fun.

They are also non-toxic with little odor and are quite safe for school, office, or home use. Compared to the competition, the Marks-A-Lot Dry Erase Markers are crisp and bold and work very well on smooth surfaces. They erase quickly with a dry cloth or eraser without leaving smudges or smears.

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4. Modern-twist Kids Mark-Mat Silicone Coloring Placemat with 4 Dry-Erase Markers

Modern Twist Mark-Mat Set, Silicone, Color Sheet & 3 Dry Erase Markers for Kids – Alphabet Animals
  • PRODUCT SPECS & FEATURES – Reusable coloring sheet mark-mat measures at 10”x 14” x 0.1”; flexible silicone that rolls up; Playful designs and enchanting characters that stimulate imagination and creativity in developing minds
  • A CREATIVE ALTERNATIVE TO SCREEN TIME – It just might be time to do something other than screen time; Our markers and mats allow your kids to unlock their creative side as they doodle away; We offer many different settings to choose from
  • A REUSABLE COLORING SHEET – This flexible mark-mat rolls up and easily fits in your bag or purse as you travel to and from restaurants with your child; Builds creativity and distracts your kid as they wait for their meal to arrive
  • FOR PEOPLE AND OUR PLANET – Our products are plastic-free
  • A GREAT GIFT IDEA – We work with independent artists to create gifts for home and entertaining; These beautifully decorated products will be a welcome sight to any home décor/fashionista in your life

What can you offer your kids to draw on while they eat? A Mark-Mat Silicone Coloring Placemat of course! These cute mark-mats come with four dry erase markers – green, red, blue and yellow.

Your kids will have fun coloring the whimsical artwork on the Mark-Mat and you will have no trouble wiping or rinsing them off when they’re done. These modern-twist Mark-Mat placemats can be used again and again without fraying or ripping.

You can even clean these placemats in your dishwasher without damaging them. The non-toxic markers you get with your Mark-Mat are among the best dry erase pen accessories you can find. These kid-friendly Mark-Mat placemats are ideal for your dinner table or for restaurants to use.

No wonder kids will be delighted to make their marks on these mats with the bold markers provided. You might be a little disappointed that these mats are transparent – not white – and that they slip around a bit.  No so your kids, who will keep busy coloring the artwork on them with the safe to use, non-toxic, easy to erase markers.

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5. U Brands Low Odor Magnetic Dry Erase Markers With Erasers

U Brands Low Odor Magnetic Dry Erase Markers With Erasers, Medium Point, Assorted Colors, 6-Count - 520U06-24
  • Medium point tip magnetic dry erase markers in 6 assorted colors: black, purple, red, orange, blue and green (packaging may vary)
  • Non-toxic, low odor ink that has a bold color laydown, works on all dry erase surfaces and dries quickly
  • Magnetic marker caps feature built-in felt erasers. The dry erase marker ink erases easily
  • Countoured marker cap shape prevents the markers from rolling off any flat surface or tray
  • Perfect for whiteboards and glass boards in the office, classroom or at home

How about using a low-odor, magnetic dry erase marker provided by U Brands? These may be your top dry erase markers solution you can use anywhere. You will get six vibrant and bold colors that work well on whiteboards and any surface that is not porous. They are also easy to wipe off.

You can use these markers in your office, home, or classroom. For precise writing, trust the medium tips markers that come in blue, red, black, purple, orange, and green. Write your work on porcelain, glass, melamine. painted steel or any other dry erase surfaces. The felt eraser on each marker cap is your convenient way to precisely erase anything you have written.

To keep your dry erase markers fresh and ready to use, re-cap your markers every time you use them. Also store your markers vertically with the tip facing down.  You could also store horizontally.

Also, depending on how these markers were kept in the warehouse or transported to the store, they may not work quite the way you expected when you first open them.  Simply store them tip down for around 24 hours and try them again.

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6. Quartet Dry Erase Markers, EnduraGlide, Chisel Tip

Quartet Dry Erase Markers, Whiteboard Markers, Chisel Tip, EnduraGlide, BOLD COLOR, Assorted Colors, 4 Pack (5001M)
  • BOLD COLOR – Clearly display your writing with our patented 3-chamber, liquid ink system. Delivers strong bold color every time, to ensure that your message is distinct and legible.
  • TRANSPARENT INK GAUGE – Our see-through ink gauge shows exactly how much ink remains for your use. Simply look at the barrel to determine when it’s time to change your marker.
  • EASY TO ERASE – Quickly move from one project to the next with these easy to erase markers. Don’t fuss with caked on ink. The smooth ink easily wipes away, leaving a streak-free, clean surface.
  • VERSATILE CHISEL TIP – Create either thick or thin lines with the versatile chisel tip. The multipurpose point allows you to customize your written message to fit your needs.
  • COLOR VARIETY – Pack contains 4 assorted colors, including Black, Red, Blue and Green.
  • LOW ODOR – Keep your room clean and odor-free. The non-toxic, low odor ink is perfect for any environment, such as classrooms, offices and homes.

Here is a handy three-in-one dry erase marker courtesy of the Quartet EnduraGlide Dry Erase Marker. With its patented three-chamber design, the EnduraGlide dry-erase marker consistently produces bold, strong, color for all your whiteboard writing needs.

It is not toxic and does not carry an odor.  These makers are easy and safe to use. A great feature is see-through gauges where you can see how much ink you have remaining.

Not only will you be able to bring your presentations to life with these bright markers, you will be able to make quick changes and bring new points across by erasing and writing. Expect constant ink flow from the three pressurized chambers in your EnduraGlide dry erase markers.

With its flexible chisel tip, you can choose to use thin or thick strokes.  Your markers are supplied in a pack of twelve colors that are convenient for your use. So, why not select from the best dry erase pen options available, a non-fading, non-skid, and consistently flowing dry erase marker that is right for you.

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7. EXPO 1752226 Neon Dry Erase Markers, Bullet Tip

EXPO Neon Dry Erase Markers, Bullet Tip, Assorted Colors, 5 Count
  • Bright, vivid ink is specially formulated for low-odor whiteboard markers.
  • Durable bullet tip allows for broad, thick lines that are easy to see from a distance.
  • Perfect for classrooms, offices, and homes.
  • Includes: 5 dry erase markers in assorted neon colors

You can also have fun with the Expo 1752226 Neon Dry Erase Marker, which are the top selected dry erase markers for you.  This pack of five neon colors will allow you to write on both black and whiteboards or dry erase surfaces that are not porous.

With these vibrant colors, you can communicate your messages clearly for anyone to see. The felt bullet tip is durable and you are able to make thick lines that can be seen from afar.

Not only are these markers great for the home, office, or classroom, they are also safe and easy to use. Anything wrote with neon dry erase markers are also easy to wipe away with an eraser, paper towel, or cloth.

No smudges or marks will be left on your writing surface so that it can be used again and again. So use these neon dry erase markers for writing or illustrating any message you like, whether they are funny, helpful, or just plain silly.

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8. June Gold 39 Assorted Colored Dry Erase Whiteboard Markers

June Gold 39 Assorted Colored Dry Erase Whiteboard Markers, 13 Unique Colors, Chisel Tip, Low Odor, Comfortable Grip & Vivid Lines
  • 39 Colored Premium Chisel Tip Markers in 13 Unique Colors (3 Packs of 13) - Guaranteed to outperform all competition
  • INK QUALITY: Our specially designed markers are low odor, non-toxic, sealed to prevent ink drying, contain more ink per marker than competing brands and are quick to dry without smearing.
  • MARKER DESIGN: Each marker is ergonomically shaped with a comfortable grip for all day use. Our chisel point design allows for thick or thin lines that are both dark and vivid from close and far away.
  • ERASING: Easily erase from whiteboards, glass, and most non-porous surfaces with a cloth or eraser. Ink wipes off surfaces cleanly.
  • TIPS/INFORMATION: Store markers horizontal - Each marker conforms to ASTM D-4236 and EN71-9 standards.

If you are a kindergarten or elementary school teacher, you will certainly appreciate the June Gold 39 Assorted Colored Dry Erase Whiteboard Markers.  Each pack contains thirteen colors that are made only for the June Gold brand.

Although you have thirteen colors, the actual number of markers in each pack is thirty-nine. These markers are excellent for use on whiteboards, glass, and other smooth surfaces. Whether you are using them at the office, at school, or in the home you can be sure to have great fun with these colorful markers.

The great thing about the June Gold Dry Erase Markers is that they are easy to use and erase, low on odor, and they dry quickly. The chisel tip allows you to draw or write thick, solid lines as well as fine lines.

When you erase what you wrote you won’t leave smears or smudges on your writing surfaces. These dry erase markers are also long-lasting as even after two years they will not dry out if unused.

You will certainly appreciate the value for money you will receive by choosing these top dry erase markers. It is a good idea to store them horizontally to keep them from drying out.

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9. Best Dry Erase Markers (BULK SET OF 36!) in Assorted Colors

For a wide selection of colors choose the Top Rated Dry Erase Markers which is supplied in a bulk pack of thirty-six markers. You won’t have a problem using these markers on whiteboards, glass, mirrors, and any surface that is smooth.

Yes, these markers are cheap – that is, you don’t need to break the bank to buy them. Not only are they great for parents with young kids, they are also right for teachers in the classroom.

The chisel point design allows for legible writing and vivid presentations. You might not regard these markers as the best dry erase pen collection available anywhere, but they are sufficient for fun activities with your kids or students.

10. June Gold 36 Black Dry Erase Whiteboard Markers

June Gold 36 Black Dry Erase Whiteboard Markers, Chisel Tip, Low Odor, Comfortable Grip & Vivid Lines
  • 36 Black Premium Chisel Tip Markers - Guaranteed to Outperform all Competition or Your Money Back - Buy in Bulk and Save!
  • INK QUALITY: Our Specially Designed Markers Are Low Odor, Non-toxic, Sealed to Prevent Ink Drying, Contain More Ink Per Marker Than Competing Brands and Are Quick to Dry without Smearing.
  • MARKER DESIGN: Each Marker is Ergonomically Shaped with a Comfortable Grip For All Day Use. Our Chisel Point Design Allows for Thick or Thin Lines that are Both Dark and Vivid from Close and Far Away.
  • ERASING: Easily Erase from Whiteboards, Glass, and most Non-Porous Surfaces with a Cloth or Eraser. Ink Wipes Off Surfaces Cleanly.
  • TIPS/INFORMATION: Store Markers Horizontal - Each Marker Conforms to ASTM D-4236 and EN71-9 Standards

Are you on the verge of giving up on keeping your kids from destroying markers? You might like that the June Gold 36 Black Dry Erase Whiteboard Markers are tough enough to withstand the rough treatment preschoolers typically give markers. Anyway, these are decent markers that write well and are easy to erase from whiteboards and other non-porous surfaces.

You may also be amazed at the low price you paid for this 38-marker pack, which is value for money. Of course, you would need to ensure that your markers are stored in a way to keep the ink ready to flow from the tip. It is recommended that you keep the markers stored vertically with the tip down for best results.

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Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Choose The Dry Erase Markers

Choosing the best dry erase pen is not an easy task. This is even more so for users who are not sure what type of markers to get.  Here in our buying guide, we have found a few things you will need to consider when buying your dry erase marker.

Erase ability:

Of course, the first thing to check in buying your markers is whether they are indeed dry erase markers.  You would not want to mistakenly buy a wet, permanent marker when you intended to get a dry erase marker for your whiteboard.

The label on the pack should tell you clearly whether it is a dry erase marker for use on whiteboards or another kind of marker. It’s a good idea to test your marker to see how easily the ink erases before you use it on your whiteboard.

The range of colors:

If you are interested in dry erase markers in a variety of colors then you will find many options that suit your expectations.  A large pack of assorted colors will give you much flexibility in expressing your creative side. 

If your interest is simply to have a few basic colors for writing text there are other dry erase options that are just as suitable. Bright colors are usually preferred as well as colors that give the most contrast when you use them on the whiteboard and other surfaces.

The tip:

Whether you need to write small on your whiteboard or use large strokes the tip you choose must suit your purpose.  You have various options of dry erase markers from which you can select the one with the right tip. 

Whether the tip is fine, medium, large, bullet, or chisel you will need to select the one that allows you to present your message clearly.  Large tip dry erase markers are ideal for writing for your audience to see from a distance.

Fine tips are suitable for writing in small spaces but you need to be close to read them. The chisel tip is the most versatile one to use for both fine and big lines. Anyway, your final choice of tips is entirely up to you for what you need to do.


Dry erase markers that are not toxic or are low odor are often also safe to use.  It is important to check your labels to ensure that the markers are in fact non-toxic.  This way, you avoid harming kids, especially, with markers that are made using ingredients that are not good for their health and wellbeing.

There are certain designations that also tell you whether the markers are certified safe. In addition, the low odor dry erase markers are preferred to other markers that you can smell when you are using them.

Compatibility with whiteboards:

You might be surprised to learn that not all dry erase markers work well with whiteboards, Although the dry erase markers were invented for use with whiteboards, they are not all able to do so.

You will notice on the labels that some of the markers are meant for certain brands of whiteboards and as such is incompatible with whiteboards you might possess.

How to Use Dry Erase Markers

Dry erase markers are quite easy to use, but in case you forget, here are a few simple tips for using them.

Read your labels and test your markers before using on your whiteboard. Once you are satisfied that the marker is right for your whiteboard, go ahead and write.

Erasing your work is just as simple but in some cases, you may need a little extra help.  Essentially, the ink from dry erase markers can be wiped off with a soft cloth, paper towel, your hand, or an eraser. For some markers, you may need to scrub a little harder or use a wet cloth or wipes to erase the ink.

You may notice that some dry erase markers erase leaving smudges or smears.  While this is not what you should expect from the dry erase markerstake it in stride with something wet to remove the smears.

Benefits of Dry Erase Markers

There are numerous benefits to using the dry erase marker, which you can well appreciate.  The most obvious benefit is that you can quickly correct any mistakes or errors you make on your whiteboard or writing surface. This ability comes in handy in the middle of your presentation when you need to correct the error and move on.

It is also very easy to illustrate and erase your points as you make your presentation to your clients, colleagues, or students.

You can also keep notices or other short messages on your whiteboards. As soon as the task is done or the message delivered, erase them and write new ones. Restaurants use erasable marker all the time to let diners know what is on the menu or on “special”.

If you work a lot with kids, you’ll appreciate the benefits of using erase marker for keeping your sanity.  Kids always get themselves messy and when they use markers, inevitably, you will have to scrub a few color stained kids along the way. With the easy to erase pens, you won’t have so much trouble getting the color stains out of hands, faces, clothes, walls, or other places kids will mark.

FAQ On Dry Erase Marker

What is the difference between a dry erase marker and a permanent marker?

The main difference between a dry erase marker and the permanent one lies in the easing.  Once you write with it on your whiteboard, the dry erase marker is easy to erase. Permanent markers are not so easily erased.

You can tell by the label on your marker which one is which.  Avoid mistakenly using permanent markers on your whiteboard!

Can I use dry erase and wet erase markers together?

Yes, if you have a quality board that withstands water, you can certainly use the two together. Restaurants commonly use this combination when designing their boards that display the house “specials.”

Wet erase markers are used for the more permanent text on the boards, like the board heading and the days of the week; and dry erase markers are used for text that often changes, like the listing of daily specials.

If my marker dries out can I revive it?

Yes, depending on the extent of the solvent loss, the markers can often be restored. Tightly place the cap back on the marker and store it tip down for 24 hours. The marker should revive. Once revived store marker back to its normal horizontal position.

Final Verdict

No doubt you have learned a few things about dry erase markers you either thought you knew or are hearing for the first time. This dry erase markers review is here to help you to choose the right dry to erase marker from the best dry erase markers recommended for your purpose.  

Whether you already have an idea of the marker you wanted, or you are unsure about the best marker to choose, we have provided recommendations for you.  Of course, these ten dry erase markers are not the only ones available.  Does your own research on other dry erase markers?


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