10 Best Permanent Fabric Marker Reviews and Buying Guide (2024)

One of the easiest ways you can transform an ordinary item into something more appealing is to add a colorful drawing, pattern or design. Expressing your creativity on fabric in this way is easily achieved with the best permanent fabric markers available.

Using fabric markers to sketch, doodle, or draw designs on T-shirts, denim, or other materials can be a fun activity at family get-togethers, parties, camps, baby or bridal showers, and other occasions.

Certainly, you will not be short of ideas to get your friends, family members, colleagues, and others doing fun stuff with the best fabric pens.

Of course, if you are the creative type, you can enjoy the thrill of producing awesome designs, patterns, and graffiti with colorful fabric pens. For the not so creative, it’s OK to just use your fabric markers to do your best crazy or markings on funny T-shirts and other fabrics.

So, What are the best pens to write on fabric? what should you look for in the best fabric markers for cotton and other fabrics?

Best Permanent Fabric Markers Review:

1. Permanent Fabric Markers Pens

Let’s start the search for the best fabric pens with the Fabric Markers Pens Permanent Color Art Markers 24 set. These are high-quality fabric pens that come in an assortment of fluorescent and earth colors.

These pens are made with bright pigmented dye ink for fabrics, and they are highly color retentive. Your DIY crafts are longer lasting thanks to the high pigmentation made possible with German fabric dye.

You have the flexibility to choose the bullet-tip fine writer to doodle, draw an outline, and thick writing, decorating professional grade calligraphic writing, and any do it yourself project on fabrics.

These pens are not messy and are easy to use. You may sketch your designs, make personalized T-shirts, create customized aprons for schools, summer camp or parties, and design bibs and onesies for the baby shower, the fun possibilities are endless.

Select these pens as perfect gifts for family and loved ones who appreciate art, clothing design, art on placemats, etc. You will be happy that these marker pens are non-toxic, do not fade easily, and can stand up to unpleasant weather. So, if you care about high-quality fabric markers at an affordable price, this offer will surely satisfy you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Does not bleed, retains color well
  • Non-toxic, safe for even the kids to use
  • Markers come with a piece of canvas to test your colors
  • 24 pieces, assorted colors
  • Reasonable price.

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2. Fabric Markers Permanent 20 Pack premium quality

You will have fun creating artistic designs with fabric markers that you can use on any fabric. These dual tip markers allow you the flexibility to work with a fine or broad tip to sketch, outline, draw, and create different patterns and styles quite easily.

These fabric markers may easily be among the best permanent fabric markers for your projects. Explore your creativity on placemats, sneakers, clothes, handbags, canvas, and a wide array of materials and surfaces. With this 20 pack permanent marker set, you can choose from twelve vibrant colors.

These markers are not as messy as fabric paint and they are so easy to use. The deep and rich pigments used in creating these fabric markers account for their consistently high color retention.

Your designs will not fade no matter how often you wash them. These fabric markers are also non-toxic and very safe for children. Although they work well with almost any fabric, they are not effective with black fabric as black absorbs other colors.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual tips for versatility in working with broad and fine lines
  • Strong color retention, will not fade after many washes
  • Non-toxic and very safe for children to use
  • Does not bleed much
  • Package contains twenty markers in twelve colors.

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3. Sharpie Stained Fabric Markers

Your choice of the best permanent fabric markers gets easier with this next option from Sharpie, a trusted name for markers and pens. You could certainly use Sharpie stained fabric markers for whatever fun sketches and designs you want to make with denim, cotton, canvas and almost any other materials.

The broad brush tip is also durable and non-fading. You have the choice of eight colors – orange, green, yellow, pink, blue, black, purple, and red. Your drawings, sketches, and designs will last longer and stand out from the crowd.

One advantage you will certainly appreciate is that you won’t need to iron your fabric to set the designs before you can wash it. Make sure to wait until the color in your design dries before you try to draw close to it with another color.

Highlighted Features:

  • Thick writing possible with broad brush tip
  • Non-fading ink, no matter how often the item is washed
  • Pack carries 8 fabric markers
  • Eight vibrant colors.

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4. Fabric Markers Pens Permanent 12 Pack Dual Tip

Your option among the best fabric pens is a fabric marker that is long-lasting and does not bleed. The fabric markers pen permanent 12 pack dual tip is your answer for high-quality pens. You can also use this fabric marker on any fabric product like bibs, sneakers, handbags, clothes, and canvas. Not only is this marker pens a high-quality product, but it is also durable and the results are long-lasting.

No need to fear for your children’s safety as these markers is also non-toxic and safe for kids. Also, whatever you produce using these fabric markers will not fade as the ink holds the color no matter how often you wash it.

With these fabric markers also, your artwork will retain their original beauty on whatever surface you use. So, go creative with these high-performance fabric markers and see results you will be proud of.

One thing though, the colors do not work well with dark surfaces so you would need to make sure that the surface is light enough for all your colors to show. It also bleeds a little so you would need to put something behind the fabric to prevent accidental markings on your work surface.

Highlighted Features:

  • Non-toxic and kid safe
  • Comes in twelve colors
  • Works well with most fabrics
  • Does not fade easily
  • Versatile dual tips

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5. Sharpie Rub-a-Dub Laundry Markers Black

Your solution for the top fabric markers for cotton and other cloth may be a simple two-pack laundry marker from Sharpie. You can use this Sharpie two-pack rub-a-dub laundry marker set to mark your fabrics to label or identify them.

The marks will be permanent so that they do not fade or wash out easily. These markers are convenient for marking clothes for laundry, dry cleaning, for bedding and camping gear, among other things.

The markers themselves carry durable tips that do not get fuzzy too quickly after multiple uses. Tips are also fine to allow you to make thin and detailed lines on your various fabrics. For best results mark on surfaces that will not cause the ink to run.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pack comes with two Rub-a-Dub Markers from Sharpie
  • Tip is fine and durable
  • Perfect for marking garments and bedding
  • Easy and safe to use.

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6. Fabric Markers Permanent Graffiti Coloring Pens

You will love the Colore Premium Fabric Markers, which are fine tipped permanent markers that work well with most fabrics. Each pack comes with twenty strong pigment coloring pens. With these fabric markers, you won’t get the annoying ink run as they are colorfast. Also, the color goes on evenly and you would not need to do a second coat in your designs and artwork.

The colors of these professional quality markers are vibrant and noticeable. The rich colors that put the Colore Premium Fabric Markers among the best fabric pens include blue, black, orange, green, yellow, and red. These markers are also ideal gifts for your friends and family members who love art and enjoy being creative. Related Review: Best Fabric Glue.

Many ways you can use these colorful markers, including to produce art and graffiti on blue jeans, sneakers, canvas, fabric (whether light or dark colored), handbags, and purses. In fact, anything that can take the colors of these markers is fair game. Both beginners and professional users will enjoy working with these premium fabric markers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Thick lines with this brush tip
  • Ink will not fade when you wash it thanks to the strong color retention
  • The bullet tip is designed to also allow easier color picking, professional quality calligraphy, and creative decorating
  • Pack contains twenty markers.

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7. Best Fabric Markers (PACK OF 24 PENS) Non-Toxic

You may also like these non-toxic fabric markers that are also safe for kids to use. The colors are fresh and vibrant and you won’t regret using these markers on any of your fabrics. Each pack comes with 24 fabric markers in bright shades.

Colors include blue, red, yellow, black, pink, purple, and neon. Depending on how you hold the fabric pen, you can draw thin as well as thick lines. These markers are versatile enough to be considered among the best permanent fabric markers you can find.

All types of fabrics can be written such as T-shirts, cotton, polyester, and denim. So, choose these markers for doodling, coloring art, patterns, and much more.

Highlighted Features:

  • Each pack comes with 24 individually colored markers
  • Control the type of lines made – whether thick or thin lines
  • Versatile for doodling, smooth writing, art, coloring, and other do it yourself activities
  • Works well on various types of fabric such as T-shirts, Denim, Polyester, and Cotton
  • Quite safe for children to use – great for all ages.
  • Quick-drying fabric paint and artwork that can be washed by machine.

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8. Super Markers 20 Color Premium Fabric & T-Shirt Marker Set

What if you can get twenty brilliant colors in one pack of the best fabric pens on the market? That is quite possible with the Super Markers 20 Color Premium Fabric & T-Shirt Market set. With this fabric marker set, you are sure to have loads of fun creating eye-catching works of art on any fabric.

This 20-pack marker set provides a wide range of colors that you can choose to put your artwork out there. The marker’s fine tip also allows you to draw intricate details. You might also love the price which is quite reasonable for this class of product. You would, however, need to take extra precautions when working with darker fabrics to achieve the best results.

Highlighted Features:

  • These markers are fade resistant – they retain their original color
  • The colors are also vibrant, sharp, bold. You can create stunning artwork on most T-Shirts and fabrics
  • Bullet tip allows you to create fine details as well as thick strokes
  • For best results, fabrics with colored artwork should be allowed to be cured by air for at least a day before you wear and wash them.

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9. Crayola Fine Line Fabric Markers

If you are doing a small project, the Crayola Fine Line Fabric Markers are just what you need. This pack of ten markers is available in both fine and thick tips so that you have the flexibility to produce creative artwork.

It’s no surprise that this 10-pack from Crayola has made it on this list of best permanent fabric markers recommended for your project. One reason for including this option from Crayola is that the colors are as described and do not bleed on the fabric.

Even children as young as four years old can use these markers safely. So make the most of these bold and bright fabric markers and experience satisfaction with your awesome designs and artwork. Release your creativity and expressions with these colorful and inexpensive markers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Each pack has 10 fine line fabric markers
  • Colors are bold and bright that is effective in both dark and light fabrics
  • Easy to use
  • Child-safe and non-toxic.

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10. No-Bleed Graffiti Dual Tip Fabric Markers Set of 12

Finally on this list of recommended best rated fabric markers is the No-Bleed Graffiti Dual Tip Fabric Markers set. With this effective marker set, you will experience the thrill of producing awe-inspiring artwork and graffiti designs that are also eye-catching.

Expect superb results from these markers that are designed to use deep-pigment ink that does not fade or run on the fabric. Every design or artwork you produce using these markers will retain their original beauty for a long time.

These markers are also very safe to use in a variety of situations, for parties, camps, bridal and baby showers, or any occasion you choose to bring them out. Each set contains twelve striking colors including lemon yellow, vivid green, orange, red, and navy blue.

One of the best features of these permanent fabric markers is that they do not bleed on your fabrics. You can use them with or without stencils, and the colors won’t fade with washing. These professional quality markers are just what you need, whether you are a pro or not.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ink does not bleed or fade
  • Designed for the highest color retention through its deep pigment dye technology
  • Set of twelve eye-catching colors
  • Safe for children, non-toxic
  • Works with most fabrics.

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What to look for in choosing the best graffiti  fabric pens

Fabric markers are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and numbers. If you are not sure about the quality that you want, it’s quite easy to settle for fabric markers that don’t quite cut it. To avoid the frustration of choosing the wrong fabric marker, here are a few things to look out for.

Color retention

This is one of the critical considerations in choosing the best fabric pens for your creative projects. Retaining the original color in designs, patterns and drawings are best achieved with fabric markers that are made with bright pigmented ink.

Check the label and descriptions for the ink profile or do some research online for the most desirable ink for the kind of project you want to do. The bottom line is that your colors should not fade or change after a few washes.


The next consideration is whether the fabric markers you are buying will fade after just a few washes. Simply put, your fabulous designs and graffiti should not fade because of the quality of fabric markers you have chosen.

The best fabric markers for cotton and other materials are designed to be non-fading, and this is easy to verify using the descriptions or a simple test.

Color Bleeds

One of the most annoying things about markers that are not the best permanent fabric markers is that they bleed. Colors that bleed into each other to create an unintended mess and colors that bleed through the fabric to the surface below are certainly not what you want to experience.

To avoid this ruining what would otherwise be a remarkable drawing or design, look for fabric markers that are made with ink that won’t bleed. They are usually described as non-bleeding or minimal bleed.


It goes without saying that if you are concerned about safety, especially for your kids, you need to look for fabric markers that are non-toxic. Most of the best fabric pens on the market are non-toxic an safe for kids to use.

Of course, exposure to harmful toxins will also lead to health problems in the future, so you don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that avoiding inks that are toxic is your best defense.

There are, of course, other considerations in choosing the best permanent fabric markers and you can certainly look these up as well.

Things like tip quality and size, single or dual tips, durability and cost may factor into your final decision. Let’s take a closer look at ten recommended fabric markers from our fabric markers reviews.

How to Use Fabric Marker

To start drawing or designing with fabric marker, you need a masking tape, iron, stencils and press cloth. However, you first of all have to prepare the fabric you want to design on by washing and pressing it so as to remove any dust or chemical and allow it to dry properly.

Next, test the piece of fabric to ensure that the paint will stay on the fabric after painting. Allow the paint to dry before you continue with your project. After you are sure that the fabric marker and the fabric are compatible, lay out the fabric on a smooth work surface and ensure that the edges of the fabric are held in place while you work by using masking tapes to hold it in place.

Before you start using the fabric marker, shake it well and inspect the tip to see if it has a plastic protector you need to clip off. Go ahead to create the designs you want using stencils, freehand or painting on the fabric.

After you have finished designing on the fabric, leave it for 3-5 days to dry. When it is completely dry, use your iron after setting the temperature according to the fabric used. Next, lay a press cloth over the design and move the iron evenly over the design for 10-15 seconds.

Finally, wash the fabric in cool or warm water and hang it out to dry. Your beautiful design is ready to be worn.

How to Use Fabric Markers on T-shirts

With fabric markers, you can write the names of loved ones or make designs during a special occasion on your T-shirt. Here are the what you need: a T-shirt, pencil, newspaper or cardboard, masking tape or stencils, fabric markers, iron and freeze paper or a clothes dryer.

  • The first thing you need to do is draw the design of a paper or use a computer to create the design and print it out. It is good to decide beforehand the colors you will use for different words and indicate it clearly in the design.
  • Next, spread the T-shirt on a flat, firm surface ensuring that the part you want to paint it is facing you. Then, insert a newspaper or cardboard between the layers of the T-shirt to prevent the marker from bleeding over to the other side of the T-shirt while painting.
  • Place the printed or hand drawn design under the T-shirt and trace the design with a pencil
  • Place the masking tape on the edge of the T-shirt.
  • Draw out the design with a fabric marker by following the design that you placed under the T-shirt.
  • Leave the painting to dry. Then remove any masking tape, newspaper/cardboard before you set the color with heat.
  • Heat the iron according to the required fabric temperature and place a freezer paper on top of the design. Move the iron over the design for 3-4 minutes. Alternatively, you can use a cloth dryer to dry the design for about 30 minutes.
  • Wash with cold water and dry with air or machine

Note that it is better to use fabric markers with light-colored T-shirts and metallic ones for dark colored T-shirts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fabric Markers

1. Do fabric markers come out in the wash?

Majority of fabric markers retain their color after several washes, but will eventually fade over time. That said, however, you can preserve the design by washing your fabrics inside out to reduce scuffing. Use gentle soaps not the ones that are said to remove markings or dirt from clothes.

2. How do you heat set fabric markers?

It is important to heat set fabric marker designs to stop it from fading. To do this, you need an ironing board, iron and appropriate sheet of paper. To heat set fabric markers, follow the following steps:

Turn the inside of the fabric and place it on the ironing board

Set the iron accordingly and allow it to heat up

Put the sheet of paper on the design and iron it for about 4 minutes, ensuring that you iron all areas of the design

Remove the paper and leave the fabric to cool

Turn the fabric right side out

3. Do Crayola fabric markers wash out?

Crayola fabric markers are designed to be permanent on fabric and hence do not wash out because they are not designed to do so.

4. How do you get permanent marker out of clothes?

There are many ways you can get permanent marker out your clothes.

  • Funny enough, hairspray can remove permanent stains from clothing. First of all, use water to moisten the stain and blot it away using a paper towel sprayed with non-oily hairspray. As you blot the stain away, you will see the marker stain on the paper.
  • Rubbing alcohol is also effective in removing marker stains. Put the stain on a paper towel. Dip a small towel in rubbing alcohol and dab on the stain. As you do that, you should see the ink transferring to the paper towel under the stain. When the stain has soaked the paper towel, put a new one until all the stain is absorbed. After the stain is removed, wash the cloth with a washing machine.
  • Milk is a great stain remover. Soak the stained area of the cloth in milk. After the milk has turned color and significantly changed it, squeeze it out and soak it again in new milk and repeat it until all the stain has been removed.

Final Verdict

Choosing from among the best permanent fabric markers should not be a difficult task now that you know what to look for and what is being recommended by reviews. We have checked out some of what is being offered as fabric markers and what has been highlighted here are options you can seriously consider. Of course, other offers may appeal to you.

Just remember that your final choice boils down to what you need the markers for, whether kids would be using them, the fabrics you will be working with, and the intricacies of your intended designs. No matter what your considerations may be, there is a suitable set of the best rated fabric markers for you.

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