Best Printers For Canvas: Reviews 2024 (Recommended!)

Printing on canvases today is much easier than it was years ago when artists were required to transfer paints manually. With the help of printers that can print on canvases, you can enjoy hanging your favorite paints on the walls.

However, the process of buying the best printers for canvas printing is quite daunting. If you are thinking of getting to the canvas printing business, there are specific things you need to know about printers. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top 5 printers for the canvas to help you get started. Additionally, we’ll also highlight specific features to look for before buying a particular printer. This way, it will be easy for you to pick the right printer for your needs and also distinguish between regular printers and canvas printers.

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Top 5 Best Printers for Canvas Printing

1. Canon 9856B002AA ImagePROGRAFiPF770

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With this printer from canon, you can print almost everything and its extremely fast. The printer is slightly larger than the others, and it can allow you to print any design within your comfort. It is specifically designed for commercial or large quality printing. It has an affordable price range making it convenient for anyone willing to take printing to another level.

Unlike other printers, with this, you will enjoy using every drop of the ink in the cartridge before replacing. Therefore, it will not only help you print quality but will also save you money when you have a huge printing project. Additionally, all the cartridges are placed individually hence making it possible for you to replace only the one that is out of ink at a time. This makes it convenient for commercial use thanks to its sub-ink tank system.

This printer has a user-friendly software that is easy to install and use. The software makes it possible for you to connect the printer to any electronic device from laptop, tablet, phone, or any other device that you wish to use. This makes it possible for you to print directly without having to transfer your images to a particular device. Additionally, the software makes it possible for the printer to download, upload, and share files from any device.


  • Affordable and fast printing
  • Different ink cartridges
  • User-friendly software that connects to any device at ease
  • Ideal for commercial use


  • Takes time to master its operations

2. HP Designjet T120 Inkjet Printer

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The printer is 42” long and it can print on canvases, presentation boards, paintings, and photographs up to 24” long. Therefore, it is obvious that it is larger than the household printers you see. The printer features a sleek and elegant design, and it connects to your devices wirelessly using Wi-Fi. Therefore, you don’t have to stand by it for it to print physically. Instead, you can directly get your printouts while you are relaxing or handling other duties.

It is compatible with both android and iOS tablets and smartphones and windows and apple computers. Therefore, it will not limit you to using specific devices to get your prints ready. Additionally, it prints directly from various formats and file types, including MsOffice, MsWord, Adobe Reader, Illustrator, Gimp, and Chrome.

It also has an automatic sheet feeder. This makes it possible for the printer to operate with minimal supervision. However, if you have limited space, the feeder can be removed to save the space. It also comes with a set of ink cartridges that can be replaced once the ink is exhausted. Therefore, you are sure that you can get it to use right from the box.

What makes this printer convenient is the fact that it works right for black and white documents as with colored images. Therefore the quality of your prints will not be compromised regardless of what you print.


  • Compatible with iOS, Android. Windows and Apple devices
  • Sleek and elegant wireless connectivity
  • Removable automatic sheet feeder


  • Requires a bigger space to fit

3. Epson SureColor P600 Inkjet Printer

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If all you want is to get a printer that is reliable and can meet your expectations, then surecolor P600 model from Epson is all you need. Epson is a reliable brand and has a high reputation for developing quality products. Therefore, with this printer, you are guaranteed exceptional performance and will not compromise your print quality.

It connects to any device ranging from Android phone, iPhone, tablets, computer, and laptops via Wi-Fi. This allows you to print anything you want without having to transfer to a dominant device. Therefore, you can easily get your printing ready from the comfort of your device. However, depending on your device of choice, to control the printer, you will require Apple iPrint, Epson iPrint, Wi-Fi direct, and Google Cloud Print. It also connects with USB allowing you to print directly from the phone.

Unlike other canvas printers on the market, this is a duplex printing device. Therefore, it can automatically print both sides of the sheet without you having to flip the sheet around. This will therefore guarantee that the printer will save you time, especially when you have bulk printing project.


  • Easy to use with navigation LCD screen
  • Compatible to multiple devices
  • Vivid and colorful printouts
  • Automatic double side printing


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4. Canon Pixma Pro-100 Wireless Printer

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Canon Pixma pro-100 wireless printer is the solution for all your canvas printing needs. It has a front tray that can hold numerous printing sheets comfortably eliminating the need of feeding it manually with printing sheets. Therefore, it is convenient for both commercial and personal printing needs and will guarantee to get professionalism with ever print.

The printer has a built-in Wi-Fi allowing you the flexibility of where you place it for printing. In other words, it can even be installed in a separate room from your work table. Additionally, due to its wireless connectivity, you can use it to print items from multiple devices in the house. Therefore, you will not need to transfer your printable to one medium for easy printing. On the other hand, the wireless connectivity guarantees to keep your printing area spacious with minimal wire mess in the room.

It has 8 ink cartridges making it possible to print any color effectively. The cartridges are different, allowing you to replace each of them individually once the ink is exhausted. Therefore, you will not have to waste ink while replacing one that is exhausted.

The printer has a high resolution up to 4800×2400 dpi making it a perfect printer for both photographs and paints. The high resolution also ensures that the image quality you get is exceptional and has high color sharpness. Therefore, you can print a high volume of paints or photos using the machine and still get uniformed quality prints.


  • High printing resolution
  • Wireless connectivity
  • 8 different ink cartridges


  • Slightly overpriced

5. HP DesignJet T520 Wireless ePrinter

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HP Designjet wireless printer is yet another large print printer used for commercial large prints. It is convenient for printing blueprints, paintings, and photographs without compromising on quality. In fact, if you often need to print architectural designs, this printer might be the solution you need.

It uses the HP printing software that allows you to print anything from multiple devices, including your phone, laptop, or tablet. Therefore, you can print anything you want from any device and still maintain the image quality.

Unlike other printers on the market, this has a total of 4 dye cartridges in it. The dyes are dye-based color, pigment-based black making it ideal for personalized prints where you regulate the printing quality of your objects.

Its larger size guarantees that the printer is convenient for commercial use and it can accommodate large scale printing. Therefore, if you are planning of setting up a canvas printing shop for commercial purposes, this could be your best option.

It can print on both light and heavy sheets, which makes it ideal for any printing. Unlike other printers on the market, this is quite economical, and it saves a lot on printing ink.


  • High printing resolution for quality products
  • High tech construction style
  • Ideal for architects, painters, artists, and designers
  • Compatible to multiple devices


  • Limited ink combination

Buying Guide for the Best Printers for Canvas Printing

The market is flooded with numerous printers, and they all claim to be convenient for canvases. However, you cannot trust what various brands claim as this might be their marketing strategy to get people buying form the. Therefore, if you are looking for a printer to help you in printing canvases, you need to do deep research before committing to buy a particular brand. Here are a few features to look for when choosing the best printers for canvas printing.

Printing Material

The first thing to note is that these printers are not only designed for canvases only. Therefore, when you are shopping for printers, it is essential to consider other materials you can print. Most of the printers can print on thicker surfaces and regular papers too. Therefore, you need to guarantee that your printer can comfortably print on different materials.


Connectivity is critical when it comes to buying canvas printers. Today, most printers on the market use wireless connectivity and canvases printers are not exceptional. It would be best if you also considered the control options of your printer to ensure that you get the right one for your needs. For instances, if you don’t have a priority in a device that you will use, getting one that can be controlled by any device can be profitable. Additionally, one that connects remotely using Wi-Fi guarantees that you have the ability to arrange the room to your preference without numerous wires crossing all over.

Printing Size

When it comes to printing on canvases, the first thing to note is that the size will automatically increase compared to normal document papers. Therefore, you need to ensure that your printer can accommodate large surfaces and still maintain your printing quality. Additionally, when you get a printer with the ability of printing larger sheets, you are sure that the image quality will be exceptional.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q: Can Any Printer Print On Canvas?

A: When you look at it in an overall way, any inkjet printer can help print on a canvas. However, using the right printers that are specifically designed for canvases is vital. These printers can comfortably pick on canvas sheets and print effectively. They also have special inks that are designed to guaranty quality prints on such materials.

Q: What Kind Of Printer Do I Need To Print On Canvas?

A: Although any inkjet printer can print on canvases, for better results, it is convenient that you get one that is designed for the task. Get printers that can handle heavy and large canvases and have extra ink cartridges compared to regular printers. Also, it is essential to choose one that has separate cartridges for easy ink replacement.

Q: How Much Does Canvas Printers Cost?

A: They are usually expensive compared to regular printers. Getting a good quality canvas printer from a reputable brand however, starts from $500, and it can go up depending on the size and ink quality.

Q:Which Brand Sells The Best Canvas Printers?

A: Whenever you talk about printers, the top names that come in mind are Canon, Epson, and HP. This is because these brands have a reputation in developing quality printers that can rise to the occasion. When it comes to canvases, these brands can guarantee the same quality results.


When you are searching for the best printers for canvas, you need to do detailed research. Ensure that you focus on buying from renowned brands to guarantee that you get exactly what you are looking for. However, before you get to buying, you need to consider that canvas printers are sturdier and bigger. Therefore, you have to be prepared with enough room where you will place the printer. You also need to get your budget right as these printers are somewhat expensive compared to regular printers.

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