10 Best Paper Cutter and Trimmer Reviews 2024 By An Expert

Do you have a ton of paper that you need to cut quickly? Then let us introduce you to an incredible tool that will make your life easier: paper cutter.

This tool turns a tedious task into a more comfortable and bearable activity. For professional purposes, having a paper cutter can save you hours that you’d spend cutting otherwise.

We’ve gathered a top ten list with the best paper cutters currently available in the market. All of them would be a great addition to your office because of their reliability, easy to use features, and the comfort they provide.

Let’s get started.


  • Fiskars SureCut Portable Trimmer
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  • Swingline Paper Trimmer
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  • Jielisi Paper Trimmer
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what is a paper cutter/trimmer? why should use?

A paper cutter, also known as paper trimmer, is a tool that allows you to produce straight, accurate, and precise cuts over paper sheets, vinyl, foam, and plenty of other material.

Most of the times, it features a wooden base, a steel blade, and an ergonomic handle for more comfort. Additionally, you get different types of security tools to protect your hand while you’re cutting.

Why Use It?

The real question here would be: why not use it? We’re sure that there are many people out there capable of producing accurate cuts using their bare hands and scissors, but not all of us are that skilled. Some of us need help, and that’s where the paper cutter comes in. The following are a couple of the benefits that this tool provides.

Precise Cuts

The alignment grid, among other features, provides highly accurate measurements for the paper. Do you need straight cuts? That’s the main purpose of these cutters.

Stack Cutting

Do you need to cut a large amount of paper quickly and easily? No need to worry. The base of the paper cutter gives you plenty of room to cut a high number of paper sheets simultaneously.

Comfortable to Use

Cutting paper sheets was never as comfortable as it is now. Forget about spending hours using a scissor or any other cutting tool. With a paper trimmer, you’ll get the job done quickly.

Best Paper Cutter Reviews

Let’s take a look at our top ten picks! In this section, we will talk about their advantages, drawbacks, and key features.

1. fiskars surecut portable trimmer

This trimmer is one of the best options you can buy because of its convenience. It is a portable device that you can carry to the office or the school. Also, because of its compact design, users can install it everywhere, as it doesn’t take too much space.

Once you’ve installed it, the trimmer produces 12-inch cuts, and it is capable of working with seven paper sheets during each operation.

The TripleTrack System included is capable of interlocking both the blade and the trimmer’s rail. It creates straight cuts without slipping or leaving curved results.

Because of it, people from different professions can get the results they need; not only for paper cutting but for coupons, photos, and anything else you need.

That system is even better because of the SureCut wire. This feature provides the vision you need to keep track of the blade during the whole operation; from the moment you lift it to the moment you slice it through.

For many reasons, this trimmer is considered as the best paper trimmer available in the market. It is accurate, precise, and highly comfortable due to its ergonomic design. Whether it is for your house or the office, it will deliver satisfying results.

Highlighted Features

  • Compact, comfortable ergonomic design
  • SureCut liner indicator keeps track of the blade
  • Triple Track System interlocks rail and blade, providing straight cuts
  • The included paper clamp keeps the paper in place
  • It features a titanium carbide coated blade to cut through almost every piece of paper you need

2. Swingline classic cut lite (9315) paper trimmer

Convenience and high-quality results are the best descriptive comments for this trimmer.It includes the dual scale ruler for two measurement methods, in centimeters and inches, to satisfy everyone regardless of which one they prefer. Either way, they’re highly accurate and precise with different types of paper, photos, and other sheets.

This paper trimmer is suitable for both the office and the school. It works well with a large amount of paper, being able to cut through 10 sheets every time you slice through.

To ensure the trimmer’s efficiency, it features a sharp blade, which makes the whole cutting process a breeze. You only need to put the paper sheet, set the proper measurements, and push down the handle. The blade crosses through the paper smoothly.

Whether you cut ten paper sheets or one, the trimmer’s design allows it to provide high accuracy and precision, all of which is possible because of the alignment grid.

You will easily notice all of the security measures included in this trimmer. One of them is the Guard Rail to safeguard your fingers, keeping them as far away from the blade as possible.

Additionally, it includes the latch hook for the blade. This system maintains the arm of the trimmer secured in place when you’re no longer using the trimmer.

Highlighted Features

  • Portable package to carry it
  • Sharp guillotine for the best cuts
  • The plastic, durable base is lightweight
  • Alignment Grid allows you to cut with accuracy
  • Capable of cutting ten paper sheets at once
  • Guard rail, and latch hook for security measures

3. jielisi paper trimmer review

There isn’t much that manufacturers can do to surprise us when it comes to paper cutters. They’re basic tools. However, when you look at this next cutter, the design is pretty impressive.

The modern look of this cutter makes it a suitable choice for the office, or to use at work if you work in the media industry handling photos. It is capable of cutting both A4 paper, as well as the A5 type.

We mention it is particularly efficient for professional purpose because of its guillotine, which cuts through sheets quite easily.

However, it would be better if it included a cutting guide. Users might have issues to get the accuracy they need for their work. Without a proper guiding system, it requires people to slow down to double check the paper sheet is in the right place.

One way to deal with the issues of using this cutter is by removing the second blade the manufacturer includes. Taking it off gives you more working space, and more vision, especially to get the latest bit of the paper in blade range.

All in all, this cutter is capable of getting the job done and provides acceptable results. It is not the best paper cutter out there, but it works, which is more than enough.

Highlighted Features

  • Incredible and beautiful design
  • Capable of cutting straight lines
  • Simple measurement method
  • High-quality guillotine blade to slice through card stock, paper sheets, chipboard, and more

4. swingline classiccut ingento (1132)paper trimmer

Are you looking for a simple paper trimmer that delivers outstanding results? Then we might have what you need.

The design of this paper trimmer ensures there are no awkward movements during the operation that could ruin the paper sheets. It features a maple base with high stability, a metal arm, and a steel blade.

All of those pieces create a high-quality paper trimmer that offers 12-inch cutting length. It is more than enough space to work with different materials, from simple paper sheets to photos.

You can use it to cut through 15 sheets of paper during each operation, making it a reliable tool for everyone, be it at home or somewhere else.

It works particularly well with a large amount of paper that you need to cut continuously.

For security measures, it features the steel tension spring to maintain the arm of the blade steady under any position. Also, and like previous models from the same brand, this one has the latch hook to lock the trimmer’s arm.

Finally, it includes the guard rail for extra protection, making sure you don’t put your hands anywhere near the blade while you’re working.

This paper trimmer might not be the best looking; its design is pretty simple, but that’s not relevant when it provides satisfying cuts.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable trimmer featuring maple base and a metal arm
  • Self-Sharpening, high-quality blade
  • It offers 12-inches of cutting length
  • Capable of cutting 15 sheets during each operation
  • It features many safety systems

5. westcott acm15106 paper trimmer

Our next cutter features natural wood for the construction of its base. It is an old-style design that’s highly attractive, and it would fit well in an office.

One of the reasons why this trimmer is better than others is the blade construction. The titanium blade manages to maintain its sharpness for a long time.

With this paper trimmer, you’ll be able to slice approximately 20lb of paper sheet every time.  It is among the best tools if your work requires cutting paper regularly.

If that’s the case and you need to use it daily, the guard shield is another advantage of using this trimmer. You can keep it installed, or remove it if it’s necessary.

The cutting capacity, the sturdy base, and the security measures allow you to use it and get the best results. Learning and using the grid and measurements back up the sharpness of the blade to deliver accuracy and precision.

If you’re looking for a paper trimmer with a beautiful design and capable of routine cutting tasks, then this is a viable option for you. It is still far from the best cutters, but it doesn’t disappoint.

Highlighted Features

  • Beautiful design makes it an incredible acquisition for home purposes, or to install at the office
  • Capable of cutting 30 sheets of paper
  • Titanium Blade technology allows it to keep the sharpness, even after a long time
  • Safety guard protection
  • It features an ergonomic handle, which is very comfortable to use

6. swingline classic cut pro (9115)paper trimmer

The guillotine has been a reliable tool to cut through everything. Fortunately, now we use it for other purposes, like paper cutting.

This paper trimmer features a guillotine style self-sharpening blade, which is a common feature from this brand. It includes a sturdy base and the metal arm.

This thing provides 15-inches cutting capacity with enough space to cut up to 15 sheets of paper. With that capacity, you can use it for cutting documents, photos, and many more.

To sum up, there’s nothing new that differentiates this paper trimmer from previous models coming from this brand. They repeat the same formula to create an alright tool.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of inconveniences if you decide to use this trimmer.

First, it is prone to slipping. You’re going to need to figure out a method to keep it in place while working. One effective way to do it is using rubber bumpers or any other way you see convenient to hold it down.

Also, even though it is among the best trimmers, the accuracy sometimes is not as efficient as you’d expect. If you’re looking for a tool that delivers outstanding results, then you probably should consider buying another trimmer.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable paper trimmer for large workloads
  • Sturdy base made of wood
  • Metal, durable arm for cutting paper stocks
  • 15 inches of cutting capacity
  • Slices through 15 sheets of paper during each pass
  • Includes proper safety measures; guard rail and the blade latch hook

7. fiskars 100580-1002 paper trimmer

This paper trimmer is a compact and lightweight tool that you’d be able to install over a table without requiring too much space.

It provides the dual-rail system to ensure there are no awkward movements while you’re cutting. It ensures the blade doesn’t suffer from wiggles, which means that the user will have a smooth cutting operation to produce straight and precise results.

The blade is another high-quality part of this trimmer. It slices through the paper smoothly and with barely any effort. The best thing is that it doesn’t lose its sharpness, which helps you save some money that you’d spend on replacements otherwise.

Of course, a blade needs a proper guide system, that’s why this trimmer features a grid line to make the right measurements, depending on what type of paper sheet you’re cutting.

It cuts through a variety of materials other than paper sheets, like vinyl and foam, making it a suitable trimmer for DIYers.

One of the drawbacks that people mention while using this trimmer is that it requires more effort than other models to cut through. That’s partially true; the dual rail bar is heavy, but the results won’t disappoint.

Pretty sure you wouldn’t mind putting a little more of strength to cut the materials if the results are satisfying.

Highlighted Features

  • It includes a self-sharpening blade, which allows you to save time and money
  • Cuts through a variety of materials such as paper, foam, and more
  • Dual Rail system ensures accuracy and precision

8. hfs (r) paper cutter – heavy duty guillotine

Like previous models from the brand, this cutter features steel construction for the blade. This material improves its lifespan because you won’t have to put too much pressure to slice through the materials.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean it won’t wear down over time, because it does. Luckily, you won’t need high technical knowledge to replace it; the pieces are pretty easy to understand, and you can always check out the video included in the packaging to clear any doubts.

While working on full capacity, the adjustable fence allows you to cut through stacks of materials both easily, and fast. It ensures the blade cuts the paper at the same length, which is always satisfactory.

This paper cutter includes the guard for safety, too. It covers that particular side of the blade that is exposed and could be dangerous.

However, that’s not the only safety measure included in this cutter. Another security mechanism is the pin that keeps the cutter’s arm in an upright position when you’re not using it anymore.

Still, the process to use this paper cutter is simple. If you’re not sure or have doubts, don’t forget to check the included video to learn about everything this tool has to offer.

Highlighted Features

  • Steel blade cuts efficiently, and it is easy to replace
  • Adjustable clamp for the paper allows you to have higher precision while cutting
  • Adjustable fence to secure the cut length
  • It includes a grid and a convenient ruler at the base
  • Different security mechanism to ensure your safety

9. hfs heavy duty paper cutter


We’ve reviewed a couple of lightweight tools during our list. While they have unique advantages, sometimes what you need is a heavy duty paper cutter. Sometimes, what you need is our next product.

It is a commercial grade tool, with a cutting capacity of 400 sheets during each pass. Yes, that’s right. This trimmer is one of the most efficient, quick, and reliable you’re going to find in the market.

Sure, you might not be able to carry it around easily, but it is better to install it in a specific desk or table and leave it there to do its job.

Once you’ve found a proper place for it, and you start using it, the paper clamp included in this trimmer is an adjustable feature that will provide precise results from the blade.

A steel blade that you can install or uninstall as you see necessary. It only takes a quick process removing a couple of screws, and you’ll be ready to take it off to replace or sharpen.

The adjustable fence is yet another reason that makes this trimmer shine above the rest. It allows you to make the proper measurements, and to create exact cuts in a diversity of materials.

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy-duty paper trimmer ensures stability and a reliable performance
  • The included Grid is capable of resisting against impacts and scratches
  • Steel blade cuts through materials smoothly
  • It is capable of cutting about 400 sheets during each slice
  • It provides a 17 inches cutting length

10. x-acto guillotine trimmer

Finally, our last spot is a paper trimmer that cuts 15 sheets during each pass. It features a wood base for stability, and the rubber feet ensure it will stick onto one place without losing its grip while you’re cutting.

It also has rubber for the grip, too. This design allows the users to have a firm grip to cut the papers in a comfortable slice through.

You can use it to cut through a variety of materials like paper, photograph, foam, and others. Regardless of what you’re slicing, the hardened steel blade will make sure you get a straight and proper result.

This cutter features technology that maintains the sharpness of the blade at an optimum level. Fortunately, users can use it securely thanks to the safety guard protection for their fingers. It is an efficient safety measure that ensures there is no danger when you’re using it.

The combination of the features listed above, to name a few, is the reasons why this guillotine has made it into our review. You can use it for commercial purposes, or at home, and it will deliver a comfortable performance.

Highlighted Features

  • The steel blade will cut through a variety of materials
  • Capable of cutting 20 paper sheets for every use
  • The 3/4-inch base features wood and rubber for more comfort
  • It includes a safety guard system that successfully keeps your hands protected during the operation
  • The blade maintains its sharpness, even after plenty of use

Let’s look other best paper cutter that might help you

Sale CARL 12 inch-Green Friendly, Professional Rotary Paper Trimmer, 12-inch, 15 Sheet Cutting Capacity, Black and Silver CARL 12 inch-Green Friendly, Professional Rotary Paper Trimmer, 12-inch, 15 Sheet Cutting Capacity, Black and Silver

  • Calibrated metal base board is great for repetitive cuts
  • Stainless steel no touch safety blade cuts standard paper, card stock, photos and plastic sheets.
  • Cuts up to 15 sheets of 20lbs paper
  • Handy compartment stores extra blades and cutting mats.
  • 12-Inch Solid calibrated base board
  • Optional perforating blade (G-02)

Buy on Amazon Sale WORKLION Small Paper Trimmer, Portable Paper Cutter for Label, Origami, Card, Photo, Coupon, Scrapbook, Cardstock, Laminated Paper, and Craft Project WORKLION Small Paper Trimmer, Portable Paper Cutter for Label, Origami, Card, Photo, Coupon, Scrapbook, Cardstock, Laminated Paper, and Craft Project

  • [Easy to use]: Align by grid lines on the board, one hand press the handle to fix the paper, the other hand presses the orange square, slide back and forth with a bit of pressure on it and you will have the straight cuts easily
  • [Blade design]: The mini blade on the paper cutter is so sharp and durable that the cutting process is smooth. And the blade works only when you press it, the blade hidden design protects the user, especially children
  • [Size and capacity]: 14.2” long, 5.3” width, and only 0.35 pounds making it easy to carry and store. 12 inches paper cutting board means that you can put a variety of size paper in, like A4, A5, and so on
  • [Non-slip]: For a better experience, there are several round sponge mats on the bottom of the paper cutter to ensure that it is not easy to slip when cutting paper.
  • [Good choice]: Useful design, stylish appearance, is an essential tool for home, office, school, studio, come buy it!

Buy on Amazon A4 Paper Cutter 12 Inch Titanium Paper Trimmer Scrapbooking Tool with Automatic Security Safeguard and Side Ruler for Craft Paper, Label, Photo and Cardstock A4 Paper Cutter 12 Inch Titanium Paper Trimmer Scrapbooking Tool with Automatic Security Safeguard and Side Ruler for Craft Paper, Label, Photo and Cardstock

  • Professional School Paper Cutter: with sharp blade, easily to cut straight along the transparent wire. Very smooth and no resistance.Portable and simple operation, meets the basically cutting needs , a great choice for school, home and office.
  • Size: 14.17x 5.90x 0.78 inch. Suitable for cutting A3, A4, A5 paper, photos, cards, decal, cardboard (within 1.2MM), label, card stock and etc.
  • Security Design: This paper cutter trimmer is lightweight and safe. The blade works only when you press on it, which perfectly ensures the safety of users especially children.It is a good helper to accompany children to make crafts.
  • Anti-slip Design: There are 6 non-slip round sponges at the bottom of the slide paper cutter, which can prevent the paper trimmer from moving when cutting paper. If you use it on glass, the non-slip sponges can be well fixed, too.
  • Multifunctional Paper Cutter: With 45 degree to 90 degree angle measuring plate and cm/inch scale that can help trim the angle and length you wanted. This is an great paper slicer for school,home,and office.

Buy on Amazon Westcott 15'' TrimAir Anti-Microbial Wood Guillotine Paper Cutter & Paper Trimmer, 30 Sheet (15107) Westcott 15” TrimAir Anti-Microbial Wood Guillotine Paper Cutter & Paper Trimmer, 30 Sheet (15107)

  • Featuring titanium-bonded cutting technology and the contemporary design that Westcott is famous for, this cutting machine is designed to deliver unparalleled performance
  • High-performance patented titanium-bonded blade provides three times the strength of stainless steel blades and will stay sharper longer
  • Soft ergonomic handle and safety guard gives you total cutting control
  • 30-Sheet Capacity: Paper slicer easily slices through 30 sheets of 20lb paper at a time
  • Manufacturer’s 15-year warranty

Buy on Amazon Sale VEVOR Electric Paper Cutter 0-330 Cutting Width, Electric Paper Trimmer, 40mm Cutting Thickness, Desktop Cutting Paper Machine, Industrial Paper Cutter, Heavy Duty Paper Cutter, for Office, School VEVOR Electric Paper Cutter 0-330 Cutting Width, Electric Paper Trimmer, 40mm Cutting Thickness, Desktop Cutting Paper Machine, Industrial Paper Cutter, Heavy Duty Paper Cutter, for Office, School

  • Precision Cutting: H-type paper feeder design, which is convenient for the paper to lay flat and aligned; with a precision scale, the cutting size can be adjusted; there is a red electronic line at the cutting position to ensure accurate cutting.
  • Infrared Protection: Infrared photoelectric protection, sensitive monitoring, comprehensive protection of the safety of the operating environment; the design of the operation panel is simple and easy to operate.
  • User-friendly Design: High-quality steel knife, sharp and durable, more comfortable to cut, suitable for thick paper cutting, removable and replaceable; Independent hand-cranked wheel press paper, easy to control the tightness.
  • Heavy-duty Construction: Papers cutter is made of high-quality steel plate, universal wheel design for secure handling, precise circuit design, extended machine life, and high efficiency.
  • Various Applications: Commercial paper cutter is ideal for offices, schools, churches, businesses, printing plants, and individual professional users.

Buy on Amazon AmazonBasics Paper Trimmer -12' Blade, 10 Sheet Capacity AmazonBasics Paper Trimmer -12″ Blade, 10 Sheet Capacity

  • Everyday portable paper trimmer with 12-inch guillotine-style, self-sharpening steel blade; ideal for home or office
  • Cleanly cuts up to 10 sheets of 20-pound paper at a time; sharp enough to accurately trim cardstock, construction pap…
  • Guardrail keeps fingers a safe distance from the blade; when not in use, trimmer arm can be secured in place, fully h…
  • Durable plastic base with white 1/2-inch gridlines (0.5 by 0.5 inches) and a printed ruler (in inches and cm) that al…
  • Measures 20.5 by 13.5 by 2.5 inches; weighs 2.5 pound; backed by an AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty

Buy on Amazon MARIGOLD Paper Cutter Corner Puncher - 12' Paper Guillotine 2-in-1 Paper Trimmer MARIGOLD Paper Cutter Corner Puncher – 12″ Paper Guillotine 2-in-1 Paper Trimmer

  • PATENTED 2-in-1 DESIGN – 12″ Paper Guillotine & Corner Puncher.
  • BUILT TO LAST – Self-sharpening blades never need replaced
  • CUTTING CAPACITY – 10 sheets of 20lb paper or 1 sheet of 10mil laminating Pouch with clean and neat cut
  • ACCURATE CUTS – Alignment grid and metric/inches printing on the trimmer base for accurate measuring
  • 12” CUTTING LENGTH: With a 12” cutting length, it’s a convenient choice for most heavy use: fliers, handouts, invitations, other heavy materials

Buy on Amazon Sale Firbon A4 Paper Cutter 12 Inch Titanium Paper Trimmer Scrapbooking Tool with Automatic Security Safeguard and Side Ruler for Craft Paper, Coupon, Label and Cardstock (Black) Firbon A4 Paper Cutter 12 Inch Titanium Paper Trimmer Scrapbooking Tool with Automatic Security Safeguard and Side Ruler for Craft Paper, Coupon, Label and Cardstock (Black)

  • Professional Guillotine: Present the clean straight cutting along printed line. No drag! And easy to replace the blade when it become blunt.
  • Size and Materials: Design to cut A3,A4,A5 Paper, Photos, Cards, Laminated Stuff (within 1.5mm) and more. Max cut 12 sheets paper (80g/m2) every time. Cut a little lesser prolongs blades’ service life better.
  • Accurate Measurement: With 45-degree to 90-degree angle measuring plate and cm/inch scale. Ensure to trim the angle and length you wanted.
  • Portable and Safe: This cutter is lightweight and convenience. Only work when you press the blade, perfectly protect user especially children.
  • Versatile Making: Your ideal cutting tool for making craft projects, wedding invitation cards and greeting card. Suit for home, office, and school.

Buy on Amazon

Things To Know Before Buying a Paper Cutter or Trimmer

With all of the options available in the market, it is no easy task to pick the best paper trimmer. To help you sort out through the many offers, here’s a list of the main features you should look for while buying one of these tools.

Solid Base

Like any other tool that requires precision and accuracy, the base is an essential part of the cutter that will give you the stability you need to do the cutting.

A wood base is often the most common, and it would probably be the best choice for you.

Paper trimmers with a wood base are stable, and beautiful, too.

Rubber Design

Using one of these tools regularly could be frustrating if it isn’t comfortable. Make sure to look for a trimmer that features rubber on both the base and at the handle.

In the base, the rubber keeps the trimmer in the exact spot where you put it, which gives you more stability and prevents awkward moves when you’re cutting.

For the handle, the rubber provides comfort that you’ll appreciate after the third hour of using the trimmer.

The Blade

There are many reasons why a hardened steel blade is as efficient as it is; it cuts through many materials, it is durable, and even when it wears down, buying a replacement won’t hurt your pocket because they’re highly affordable.

Grid, Ruler, and an Adjustable Fence

All of these features will provide everything you need to make the cuts at the exact length where you want them. If you’re working with important documents for your company, or you’re using the trimmer for other professional purposes, you want to have the most accurate results possible.

The Cutting Capacity

The number of inches for the cutting length is also relevant because it lets you know the amount of paper sheet you can cut during each pass.

In some cases, you can cut as little as 15 sheets, while other trimmers give you the option to cut through hundreds.

Safety Measures

Lastly, you want to have a paper trimmer with the proper safety mechanism. Features like the safety guard, the blade latch hook, and the pin system to lock the arm, are a few of the things you must keep in mind before deciding to buy the paper trimmer.


A lightweight trimmer offers more portability, while a heavy model will give you that stability you need. Both are efficient. It just a matter of personal preferences.

safety tips you should follow

Using the paper cutter is pretty simple, but we should never underestimate how dangerous it can be, even if you are using the best paper trimmer. You should always be careful and focus on the task until you complete it.

Fortunately, all of the products listed in our review feature high-quality safety mechanisms to prevent accidents.

The manufacturers do their part by adding security measures, but it is your responsibility to use them properly. Here are a couple of tips to do that.

Proper Blade Positioning

Make sure the blade’s position is at the proper distance from the clamp. It will allow you to put the paper sheet in the trimmer without fearing the blade will get to your hand. Here, the clamp works like a separating barrier to keep your hands secured.

Arm Locking Pin

Use the pin system to lock the trimmer’s arm in a steady position, which would be upward. Once you’re ready to continue working, push the release button, and it will be ready to slice once again.

Safe Guard

If the trimmer features a safeguard, that’s an effective method to cover that particular area of the blade that would otherwise continue uncovered during the operation.

Finally, always grab the handle with a firm grip.

What Types of Paper Cutters Are There?

If you’re looking for a paper cutter, you may be wondering what type is best. There are many different types to choose from and they vary in price, features and size.

For example, there’s the guillotine paper cutter which can cut through large stacks of papers with ease but doesn’t offer as much precision or control as a rotary trimmer does. The rotary trimmers are better for cutting smaller stacks of thin paper or sheets that need more precise cuts like card stock.


The most popular kind of paper cutter is a rotary one. Paper trimmers is another name for them. This cutter has a blade and a grid that aid in precisely aligning each sheet. Larger projects take longer to complete because these trimmers can only cut 10 sheets at once, making them perfect for modest jobs.


Electric paper cutters operate with an automatic motor linked to them, as their name indicate it. With the hep of a power source, this paper cutter is more sophisticated and can cut up to 500 sheets at once. These cutters operate on unique programming that you can manually modify to meet your needs.


The guillotine paper cutter comes next. In workplaces, residences, and schools, this paper cutter is most frequently used. It consists of a large, spring-powered blade that swings up and down and cuts through the stack of papers in one motion.

With this cutter, you can cut precisely since the tension spring holds the blade in place until it is taken down to prevent injuries. You should still use it cautiously, though.

FAQ On Paper Cutter

What Is The Best Cutter For Card Stock?

If you are a crafter, you know that using the proper tools can make a big difference in the outcome of your project. This is especially true when working with card stock. There are many different types and sizes of cutters available, so how do you choose the best one for your needs? The Fiskars cutter is particularly popular for slicing and dicing thick card stock.

What Is The Difference Between A Paper Trimmer And A Guillotine?

When it comes to cutting paper, there are two main types of tools: paper trimmers and guillotines. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to know the difference before deciding which one to use. Paper trimmers are more accurate and easier to use than guillotines, but they can only handle small amounts of paper at a time.

To cut your paper, you slide a blade up and down a track on a paper trimmer. To cut your paper, a guillotine has a handle with an upward-and-down-moving blade. Due to the bigger, metallic, and SHARP blade, guillotine knives typically weigh more and are bulkier.

how many sheets can i cut at a time with a paper cutter?

When it comes to cutting paper, the number of sheets you can cut at a time depends on the type of paper cutter you’re using. If you’re using a handheld paper cutter, you can usually only cut one or two sheets of paper at a time. However, if you’re using a desktop paper cutter, you can typically cut up to 10 sheets of paper at a time. So, how many sheets can you really cut at a time?

Final Words

Remember to look for a solid base, proper measurement methods, a sharp blade, and safety mechanisms; these are all the features that will help you find the best paper cutter. Anything less than that would be less than ideal.

If you find one cutter that includes all of the features listed above, then you can rest assured it will not let you down.

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