Best Binding Machines Review in 2023

You should always keep certain tools constantly available if you deal with paperwork regularly. The essentials are a printer with ink, a staple with pins, and lots of blank paper. However, they are not enough. You need some additional tools if you want your reports to emit an air of professionalism.

Binders are by far the simplest and most effective tool that enhances the quality of your paperwork. Therefore, most office and academic environments carry the best binding machine they can find.

These devices elegantly bind pages together in a professional manner. They are so easy to use, yet it gives your work more weight and value to the readers.As such, these tools are very valuable to offices and academic institutions.

However, people who are not familiar with these machines might be a bit lost on what to get. Therefore, we have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best binders in the market so you can easily find the binding machine for your work.

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What Is a Binding Machine?

These handy tools are not as complex as the name may suggest. A binding machine is simply a device that binds a collection of pages together in a professional manner. These are mostly used to make a report or document more readable.

It enhances the aesthetic appeal of those documents and makes them easier to read. They function much better than staplers; perfectly securing and organizing each page and presenting them in a book format. Therefore, they are primarily found and used in offices, schools, and colleges.

These are usually manual, but high-end models are automated. First, they punch holes into the pages. The number of pages a binder can punch at a time varies on the quality.

Afterward, the user must line up the holes with a comb to create a solid binding. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes; each is bringing unique functions onto the table. So, you need to carefully examine each unit to know what it can do and how well it can do it.

Our Top 12 Best Binding Machines In 2023

Now that you have a general idea of what these machines are, we will be recommending you 12 of the greatest binding machines you can find.

1. Fellowes Binding Machine Star+ Comb Binding (5006501)

Max Binding LengthA4
Dimensions5.1" x 18.1" x 15.4"
Suitable foroffices and classrooms
Number of holes21 holes

We will kick off this list with an excellent home use unit. Meaning, this unit is an excellent economical option that can handle light use easily and effectively. You can figure this out by simply observing the machine.

It is small yet compact, and it gives you just enough work space to bind properly, while the device also barely occupies any space for itself. You can easily put it on a home shelf or desk. The device is no slouch when it comes to work, despite its size. You can punch 15 pages at a time on this unit.

Since it is meant to operate in a home, the 15-page capacity is nothing to scoff at. It can bind up to ten times that amount. The machine uses a 3/4-inch comb to accomplish this. Its size does not stop it from delivering great features. Within its compact frame, it holds a desk built-in comb storage.

While comb storages are common, they usually do not include a document measurement device. This unit, however, does. And this increases the quality of its results massively. You can expect a tight and centered document after it has finished processing.

The binder continues to deliver with a superb edge accuracy guide. This allows you to carefully and quickly punch the pages with pinpoint accuracy. You can rest assured knowing that your pages will not be misaligned.


  • It loads vertically for improved accuracy
  • The binder is perfect for homes and small offices
  • There is built-in comb storage with a document measurement device


  • Not suited for heavy use

2. Swingline GBC Binding System, Manual, Desktop Binding Punch, P50 (2515650)

Max Binding LengthUS letter size
Dimensions18.25 x 3.56 x 3.06 inches
Suitable forSmall offices and classrooms
Number of holesN/A

In case you thought the previous entry was still too big, then GBC has got the perfect binder for you. This unit was designed specifically with students in mind. It barely takes up any space while doing the job almost as effectively as its contemporaries.

The design is reminiscent of a long ruler. It holds a component on the top which you must drag across its line. This is what it uses to punch holes into pages. Most student reports are not that big. Therefore, the Swing line can justify its six pages of punch capacity. Not to mention just how tiny the device is.

However, this unit had to sacrifice some aspects to maintain its sleek and slim design. You cannot use the main body as a binder. Instead, GBC gives you a ProClick binder. To use this, you must first manually align the comb onto the holes of the page.

Then, take the ProClick and drag it down. With that, you will have a perfectly bonded document.

Since the main body's primary function is to punch holes into pages, GBC made sure that you can get more use out of it. For that, the main body is capable of punching documents larger than A4 papers effectively as well. This boots functionalities and viability for personal use.

Also, this is an overall solid investment. They offer a good deal for the use you get out of it. The slim build makes it easy to carry, relocate, and use. Its lack of weight makes it simple to carry and store. The build quality is also great; making it last a considerable amount of time. You cannot go wrong with this one.


  • The lightweight and slim build makes it easy to handle
  • It can punch over sized documents too
  • The unit is made with good quality materials to prolong longevity


  • It is not viable outside of personal use

3. The Cinch Book Binding Machine

BrandRayson INC.
Max Binding LengthA5
Dimensions18.31 X 10.24 X 14.17 Inches
Suitable forBinding and punching documents presentations, reports
Number of holes15 holes
ColorBlack and white

Even from a pure design perspective, the Cinch is something special. The aesthetics and functionalities cater to true creatives. You will find that the unit covers a wide range of features,which makes it perfect for DIY use. The level of depth and freedom you get when you make a punch is astounding.

You can easily adjust how many inches you want to punch. It can be as small as 4 inches and as wide as 12 inches at a time. In case you are handling anything bigger, there is no reason to fear. The device has a movable ruler which you can adjust to punch the extra holes onto your larger pages accurately.

Now, let us go over how elegant the design is. The light blue coloration is easy on the eyes and pleasant to work with. Its design is quite small, but it works excellently. You can use it to make a nice variety of notebooks, calendars or diaries.

For the binding, the Cinch has a wire holder on the side. It works universally with any wire. Place it onto the Cinch and then align it with the holes on your documents.

With the wire now intertwined with your project, you need to tighten it. Manually tightening has the risk of deforming the wire; causing an inferior result. For that, the Cinch has a unique feature called the Cinch guide. You must press and turn the guide to the size of the wire and then push it down.

This will result in a perfectly pressed binding, giving you excellent results. It allows this model to be incredibly useful in a home DIY environment. Consider this if you want something for your arts and crafts projects.


  • The Convenient Cinch guide lets you adjust the dimensions
  • It is perfect for small DIY projects
  • The integrated ruler system lets you punch holes into material larger than its capacity


  • It is not suited for use in professional settings

4. TruBind Coil-Binding Machine

BrandTruBind Store
Max Binding LengthLarger than Letter
Dimensions‎18 x 15 x 10 inches
Suitable forBinding and punching documents presentations, reports
Number of holes43 holes
ColorGray and Black

In case you are looking for the best coil binding machine, then your search might be over. TruBind has a reputation for making incredibly bound pages. They employ a great number of features and techniques to guarantee the best binding experience. You can see this from how they designed the handle.

In most cases, these are placed on either one side of the machine. That makes it inconvenient for people who are not ambidextrous. For example, if the handle is located on the right side and you happen to be left-handed, you will have to inconvenience yourself to pull it.

TruBind uses a full handlebar that lets you pull on it with any hand you want.Additionally, it is no slouch when it comes to punching pages. It can perfectly punch through up to 20 standard pages. Also, it has a full set of disengaging pins, which gives you full control over where you are making the holes.

This capacity will allow you to punch holes quickly and accurately; giving you complete satisfaction when you finally bind. On that topic, we must mention how incredible its binding ability is. TruBind employs an incredible electronic coil mandatory system. This offers you significant creative freedom when binding.

Whether you want to create a tightly bound book or a report, Trubind will not disappoint. It allows you to use a wide variety of combs. This gives your documents a sense of uniqueness.


  • An intuitive full handlebar that lets you use it with any hand
  • It has an electric coil insert-er that lets you bind fast
  • Margin adjustment allows you to punch holes most accurately


  • Has trouble binding thick materials

5. Fellowes Binding Machine (5227201)

Max Binding LengthA4
Dimensions5.1" x 18.1" x 15.4"
Suitable forBinding and punching documents presentations, reports
Number of holes21 holes

Sometimes, small machines are not enough. They have a difficult time binding lots of pages together. The more paper you work with, the more holes you must punch. In case your device has a low punching capacity, it will struggle to keep up with bigger workloads.

It will also slow you down since you will have to repeat punches more frequently. As such, faster and more powerful devices are favored in a professional environment. That is where Fellowes brings an excellent machine to the table. It is powerful enough to bind 25 pages at once.

That is higher than all the previous entries thus far. This allows you to maximize your time efficiency. Of course, if you have a significant workload, you are also going to have to bind a vast number of pages. Luckily, this device has the astonishing ability to bind up to 500 pages.

This action requires a 2-inch comb, but the fact that it can bind that many pages together deserves respect. It can handle any load you throw at it.Besides all these capabilities, this unit also comes with a good number of features. Most prominent of all is its comb storage tray.

Since we are discussing high workloads, it goes without saying that you are going to need a lot of combs to keep up. Keeping all that in a separate compartment is inconvenient. Therefore, the ability to store these combs inside the binder is beneficial.


  • It can punch 25 pages at a time
  • The device lets you bind up to 500 pages with ease
  • Great for office use


  • It may be too expensive for people looking for home use

6. Binding Machine  Perfect for Daily Office Documents

Max Binding LengthA4
Dimensions‎14.6 x 10.2 x 9.3 inches
Suitable forBinding and punching documents presentations, reports
Number of holes21 holes
ColorWhite and Black

In terms of sheer quality, it is hard to top this masterpiece. This machine is built with the finest of metal. The material allows it to make pristine holes. Out of the entire device, the lever is the highlight. It's metal build will not show any signs of wear any time soon. Also, it moves smoothly to make perfect 3.8mm holes.

The way it moves will make it feel like you are cutting butter. Moreover, the handle is also non-slip. This removes risks of losing your grip; letting you make the best punches possible.

Storage will not be an issue, as the aforementioned high-quality handle is removable, not to mention the device is incredibly compact. It has a lot of power despite its size. The unit can punch holes through 12 80gs sheets of paper. The capacity varies based on the density of the article.

Need to bind a vast number of pages? Worry not, for this unit can bind up to 450 sheets together. TIANSE is reliable when it comes to the quality of the binding as well. They make sure that each group makes the best binds for a considerable period.

It is also very beginner-friendly. The device is unbelievably easy to use for just about anyone. Even if you have never used one of these binding machines before, it will feel like you have been using them for a long time. Each purchase also comes with a large number of combs to help you get binding as soon as possible.


  • Made with high material while still being light
  • The handle is state-of-the-art
  • Margin customization for added accuracy


  • The punching capacity is somewhat limited

7. Kenley Binding Machine Paper Punch Binder 

Max Binding LengthA4
Dimensions‎17.32 x 7.28 x 12.2 inches
Suitable forBinding and punching documents presentations, reports
Number of holes21 holes
ColorWhite and Black

What happens when you want something powerful, reliable, but also cheap? You get a superb Kenley unit. Trust us when we say this is a very reliable unit. The build and size make the device especially convenient. It is easy to carry. The unit barely occupies any space when left on a desk.

That kind of convenience is vital for a generally viable machine.Despite its size, it is also powerful.

It has the power to bind 450 pages at a time. You will be hard-pressed to find a device that can bind that many pages for this kind of price. That, along with its small size, allows it to be an incredible option for school and home use.

Let us not forget how easy this unit is to use. The design invites you to use it. And the moment you place the paper onto its adjustable ruler, you will know how to bind it. Yes, this device has a ruler.

So, if you are working with larger pages where 21 holes will not cut it, you can use the ruler to add up the additional holes without misaligning them.

Once you make a cut, you will notice that each rectangular hole will be expertly punched. It will be pristine without any jagged edges. This is because of the Kenley unit's oiled cutting blades. These offer high-quality cuts made to satisfy. Just make sure you clean them before use for maximum results.


  • It is quite reasonably priced for the value it offers
  • You get ten combs along with your purpose
  • The high-quality cutting blade deserves every spec of praise
  • up to 10 pages at a time


  • As amazing as cuts are, they can only cut

8. Fellowes 5218301 Galaxy 500 Electric Comb Binding System

Max Binding LengthA4
Dimensions9.44” x 20.88” x3.94”
Suitable forBinding
Number of holesNot for punching
ColorCharcoal metallic or silver

We return to another excellent Fellowes model for this entry, and we will state this bluntly; this is maybe the best binding machine for office use. Do not believe us? Well, you will, after you see all the things this can do. From the ease of installation to high capacity, this is indeed an excellent binder that every office must-have.

Starting off, let us talk about its power. It is very similar to the Fellowes model we have discussed before. It can bind 500 pages at once; being able to cut 25 pages at a time. This lets you punch and bind sheets faster; ensuring time efficiency.

However, there is a certain feature that makes the Galaxy E distinct from the previous Fellowes model.

This can be first seen from its lack of a handle. It is because the unit has an electric comb binding system. Instead of having to pull down a lever each time, all you have to do is push a button. The unit will immediately punch holes without you having to do anything. This really maximizes its efficiency.

Speaking of efficiency, we are not done yet. It has an enhanced accuracy edge guide. This lets you align your pages quickly without much interference. The binding mechanism can also be removed and used separately.


  • It can punch and bind a lot of papers at once
  • Numerous features make this a very efficient device
  • Perfect for office environments


  • It is quite pricey

9. Fellowes Binding Machine Helios 60 Thermal (5219501)

When it comes to office binders, Fellowes always comes up with the best machines. They have earned their reputation with innovative devices like the previous Fellowes entries. However, the Helios puts them in a new dimension entirely.

It is a must-have for any office, allowing you to bind a massive 600 pages at once using the best of page binding technology.

Unlike the previous entries, the Helios does not use combs and wires to bind. It instead uses thermal binding. This means that you do not have to worry about cutting through lots of pages since there is no need to punch through pages. All you have to do is insert your pages and let the machine bind them together.

Surely, it cannot be that simple, right? It genuinely is. You must wait for it. It even uses smart binding technology to determine the thickness of your documents and automatically chooses the best settings. Each work will take up to 7 minutes to bind, so it is best suited for use with lots of pages at once.

Since it uses heating, you may be concerned with your safety. Of course, if you came in direct contact, you will experience burns. However, Fellowes has really thought things through. They have put up a heat shield. This barrier prevents contact with the heating plate; keeping you nice and safe at all times.


  • It can bind up to 600 pages at a time
  • You do not have to punch copies due to its thermal binding technology
  • Automatically sets the best settings for the perfect bind


  • Not suited to work with a low number of pages

10. YaeKoo Binder Binding Machine 

Let us return to the roots and talk about a superb manual binder. Although it may not be as high-tech as the previous entry, it does what it does perfectly. Its speed at punching and binding makes it a great choice for home and academic use.

This device can punch up to 12 pages at a time. It is great when examining its price. Also, it allows the binding machines to be used at homes due to its power within an affordable amount. Let us not forget to mention that these binders are light. They can be easily carried from one place to another.

The fuselage is even foldable for the purpose of maximizing portability and space utilization. This aspect can be capitalized if you work in a small office.

You can see it was meant to be used lightly with its punching capacity. However, it has a respectable binding capacity of 450 pages. This allows it to tie a lot of pages with relative ease effectively. The device itself is easy to use, so you can get a lot of work done quite easily.

Finally, let us discuss its value. It is astounding how YaeKoo can shove in so many astounding features in such a low-cost device. That, along with its portability, makes it an excellent choice to buy in bulk for your office.


  • Fold-able fuselage makes it economical
  • It can effectively bind 450 pages at a time
  • The price is measly compared to its features


  • It was not made with heavy usage in mind

11. Akiles WireMac-31 Model AWM31 Wire Punch & Binding Equipment

The moment you lay eyes on this masterpiece, you will know that this is something special,and the full metal construction screams premium. It feels pristine to touch and better to use. Akiles has ensured that you get a binder that is worth every penny. This is most evident from its premium design, high-quality, and heavy-duty capacity.

Additionally, this model focuses almost entirely on wire binding. It comes with a wire holder to effectively attach it to your work. There is also a wire master selector. This helps you meet the perfect size requirements and needed specifications for your wires.

It also helps with finding accurate margin depth and finally closing the wires together to secure the document.

You might have noticed that this unit comes with two handles. The long handle is for punching through more material at once, and the shorter hand is for when you do not need the added leverage for deeper punches. This system makes WireMac-31 more efficient and longer-lasting.

The cutting capacity is also worth mentioning. This unit comes with a Die disengagement pin. You will not be punished for making mistakes due to this wonderful feature. It helps you make perfect punches for whatever sized pages you are using.


  • An incredible option if you focus on wire binding
  • Premium and a heavy-duty all-metal design
  • Die disengagement makes the best punches for any pages


  • It will not be handy if you do not need wire binding

12. Flexzion Binding Machine

We have thrown around the word 'efficient' quite a bit. However, little binding machines embody that word as well as this Flexzion model. It is an incredible model if you need to bind a larger number of documents, but a lower number of pages.

Meaning, if you are working with a lot of 12-pages or documents, then this may be the perfect machine for you?

How can it be so good? Well, it employs a full handlebar that lets you use the machine ambidextrously. The handle is not just for punching. You can push it to tie up your pages immediately. As such, you can quickly punch and bind with a few motions. This lets the device be the perfect model for bigger volumes of work.

Are you still not convinced? Maybe the open punching throat can convince you. Flexzion decided to keep the throat open rather than closing it off like a lot of other models. This lets you adjust the ruler to punch pages of all sizes. It increases the variety of pages you can work with; offering you more versatility as a result.

Since this unit focuses on working fast, it has to deal with a lot of paper debris. Thinking ahead, Flexzion has installed an effective scrap drawer. This way, you will not end up making a mess regardless of how much you work.


  • Great for a high volume of documents with a low number of pages
  • Full handle that is easy to work with
  • Open cutting throat to punch through any size paper


  • Not good for a high volume of papers and low number of documents

Look some other binding machine you may like

TRUBIND Spiral/Coil Binding Machine - Electric Coil inserter - Manual Round Hole Punch - Disengaging pins - Adjustable Side Margin - Includes Crimping Tool - 4 to 1 Pitch - 20 Sheet Punch Capacity
  • ELECTRIC COIL INSERTER that includes Coil Crimping Tool - Create professional-looking bound books at home or in the office quickly and easily. The TruBind Coil-Binding Machine electronically inserts plastic coils for faster binding.
  • FULL HANDLEBAR - Our sturdy-grip handlebar allows you to punch holes in your documents either left- or right-handed. Simply apply steady pressure to punch holes in up to 20 sheets of paper at a time.
  • MARGIN ADJUSTMENTS - Bind your own books of any size or shape. The TruBind Coil-Binding Machine has side and depth margin adjustments, so you control where the holes are punched on paper of any size.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE BINDING - Disengaging pins let you control where the binding machine punches holes, and the open-throat design means you can punch holes and insert binding in paper larger than letter size.
  • TWO-YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY - Covers manufacturing defects when returned in complete original packaging.
PrintFinish Coilbind S-15 with Electric Coil Inserter Manual Coil Punch & Binding Machine Pitch 4:1 - Professionally Bind Presentations and Documents - Printfinish - Strong and durable machine
  • ELECTRIC COIL INSERTER - Enhance the binding experience of your business with the tabletop PrintFinish S15 CoilBind Coil Binding Machine creating coil bound documents in almost any size.
  • UPGRADE YOUR PRESENTATION - Maximum 15 sheets (80g paper) per punch - Binding Capacity: 500 Sheets (80g paper)
  • ADJUSTABLE MARGINS - Full Handle Bar for left, right, or two-handed punch operation
  • 01 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY - We stand by the quality of our office equipment.
  • Number of Holes: 46 hole, arbitrary
VEVOR Manual Wire Binder Machine A4, Wire Binding Machine 120 Sheet, with Wire Binding Set Insert 34 Holes for Office, Store
  • Efficient Punching: With 34 punching holes, 12-sheet punching capacity and 120-sheet binding capacity, this tool drills through 120 sheets of paper with ease. Hard alloy blade for accurate and fast punching.
  • Margin Adjustable: The edge distance can be adjusted to suit different binding methods and meet different binding needs. Edge distance adjustable: 2.5 mm, 4.5 mm, 6.5 mm.
  • 2 in 1 Design: 2 in 1 manual bookbinding machine and hole punch; You can twist position knob to secure paper and form symmetrical holes.
  • Easy to Use: The handle design is easy to operate, and it can punch and staple quickly. A paper waste tray is for convenient waste disposal, wire binding set collects your paper quickly.
  • Wide Application: The spiral binding machine is a professional binding machine for binding and punching reports, documents, papers, manuals, etc. It is widely used in graphic stores, schools, offices, publishers, or conference documents.
MAKEASY Comb Binding Machine, 21-Hole, 450 Sheet, Paper Punch Binder with Starter Kit 100 PCS 3/8'' PVC Comb Bindings, Comb Binding Machine for Letter Size / A4 / A5
  • 【Great Value for Money】Our binding machine come with 100pcs of 3/8'' black 21-ring PVC comb bindings in the package ----- ➤Max binding capacity: 450 sheets (with 2'' comb plastic bindings ) ----- ➤Max punch capacity: 10-12 sheets(Paper Thickness: 80g(≤20lb) paper) Note: If you use paper of other thickness, please reduce the paper according to the actual situation!
  • 【Humanized Design, Light but sturdy】Durable Metal Construction for Long-Lasting Use. ➤Tips: This binding machine comes with oiled cutting blade for protecting the punch die away from rusting. To avoid staining on the important document, please use oiled removing paper(enclosed) to punch first in order to clean up the blades.
  • 【Easy and Safe to Use】Manual Punching and Binding Operation Only Need 2 steps! Low force handle simplifies punching. Sturdy metal construction, non-slip feet and easy to use. ➤TIPS: First of all, Please install the handle 90 degrees perpendicular to the tray, otherwise, there is no way to activate the punch function!
  • 【Marks of A4/A5/Letter Size & Adjustable Edge Guide】This UPGRADED comb binding machine is suitable for Letter Size (19 holes), A4 Size (21 holes), A5 Size (15 holes). Enhanced accuracy edge guide from 3mm to 5mm for pinpoint punching. Adjustments can be made with ease.
  • 【Strict Quality Control 】Every batch of our binding machine had been tested before packing. Our friendly and reliable customer service team will respond to you within 24 hours! You can purchase our products with full confidence.
TIANSE Binding Machine, Spiral Coil Binder Machine, Electric Coil Inserter, 15 Sheets Punch Capacity, Suit for Letter Size / A4 / A5 Book Maker, with 100pcs 5/16'' Plastic Coil Binding Spines & Plier
  • 【Electric Coil Inserter】Hands free opporation. Create professional-looking bound books at home or in the office quickly and easily. The coil binding machine electronically inserts plastic coils for faster binding, saves time and effort for large workloads. (To keep the machine sustainable, we apply lubricant to the machine, please use the included oil-absorbing paper to bind it before you start using it)
  • 【Professional & Customizable Binding】TIANSE Coil binding machine is suitable for Letter Size (42 holes), A4 Size (46 holes), A5 Size (33 holes). Open-throat design allows you to insert large and non-standard page sizes to meet the specifications of your unique project.
  • 【Adjustable Margin Design】With adjustable side and edge guide, this machine also ensures a precise alignment with each document your bind, and you can easily customize the paper margin: 2.5mm, 4.5mm, 6.5mm to create professional-looking works.
  • 【Humanized Full Handle】Our sturdy-grip handle allows you to punch holes in your documents either left- or right-handed. Simply apply steady pressure to punch holes in up to 12 sheets of 80g(paper thickness≈20lb) paper at a time. You can insert up to 2” diameter coils by hand or up to ⅞” coils using the electric coil inserter.
  • 【Great Value for Money & Lifetime Warranty】Our binding machine comes with 100pcs of 5/16'' black PVC coil spines starter kit and coil crimper pliers, no need to buy separately, save your money. It's an excellent addition to any school or small office environment. This binding machine utilizes 4:1 pitch plastic binding coils.
Binding Machines Combs 21 Hole 450 Sheets Paper Punch Binder Spiral Binding Machine 19 Hole Fit Letter Size with 100 PCS Colorful Comb Binding Coil
  • ✅【BELLISSI BINDING MACHINE-- EASY TO USE】Just align, punch and bind! Comb binding machine adds a professional and stylish finish to your presentations, workbooks, handbooks, proposals, and other office or classroom documents. Binding machine can bind up to 450 sheets and punch up to 12 sheets at one time. This easy-to-use manual comb binding machine is suitable for A4 Size (21 holes), A5 Size (15 holes), Letter Size (19 holes).
  • ✅【SHARP CUTTING BLADES & ADJUSTABLE EDGE GUIDE】Advanced cutting blades ensure accurate cutting power, allowing you to punch holes evenly and neatly in up to 12 sheets of paper at a time without any misaligned holes or loose pages with burrs; With open-throat design and adjustable edge guide, this comb binder machine ensures a precise alignment with each document you bind, and you can easily customize the paper margin: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm to create professional-looking bound books.
  • ✅【BELLISSI COMB BINDER-- GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY】 Bellissi comb binding machine comes with starter kit 100pcs of 3/8'' 21-ring comb spines in different colors. This all-in-one punching and binding machine will allow you to bind anything from documents to your final project papers. Now you can conveniently use our 100pcs 21-ring colored plastic comb spines to bind your different documents for easy classification.
  • ✅【POETABLE BINDING MACHINE FOR SMALL OFFICES AND CLASSROOMS】An ideal binding solution for small offices and classrooms, this high quality spiral binding machine allows you to create professional-looking bound documents at home or in the office quickly and easily; this handy binding machine has a lightweight design for portability within the workspace, making it an ideal choice for any school, office or home environment.
  • ✅【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE & TWO YEAR WARRANTY】 We stand by the quality of our office equipment and every spiral binding machine has been tested before packing and can be punched about 12000 times. You can purchase our coil binding machine with full confidence. Any question before or after purchase, please feel free to contact us, our friendly and reliable customer service team will respond to you within 24 hours for your 100% satisfaction!
TruBind Coil Binding Machine - Manual Round Hole Punch - Adjustable Side Margin - 4 to 1 Pitch - 20 Sheet Punch Capacity
  • PROFESSIONAL & CUSTOMIZABLE BINDING (CRIMPING TOOL INCLUDED) – Create professional-looking bound books at home or in the office quickly and easily. The open-throat design allows you to insert large and non-standard page sizes to meet the specifications of your unique project.
  • FULL HANDLEBAR – Our sturdy-grip handlebar allows you to manually punch holes in your documents either left- or right-handed. Simply apply steady pressure to punch holes in up to 20 sheets of paper at a time.
  • MARGIN ADJUSTMENTS – Bind your own books! The TruBind Coil-Binding Machine has side and depth margin adjustments (2.5mm, 4.5mm, and 6.5mm), so you control where the holes are punched. Ideal for Letter Sized projects.
  • 4:1 PITCH COILS – The TruBind Coil-Binding Machine uses 4:1 pitch plastic binding coils, which can be inserted quickly and easily by manually twisting the coils into the document. For a finished, professional look, use the included heavy-duty manual coil crimping pliers to finish the edges.
  • TWO-YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY – Covers manufacturing defects when returned in complete original packaging.
YaeKoo Manual Wire Binding Punching Machine 34 Holes 120 Sheet of A4 Papers Spiral Coil Book Binding Machine for Office Home
  • Binding Capacity--Punch 34 holes, Max. 12 sheet of A4 papers. Max.binding 120 sheet of papers.
  • Manual, no power required
  • vertical pressure system, easy to roll
  • Used for punching reports, files, essay, documents, handbooks etc.
  • Have twist positioned knob to fix paper
GBC Binding Machine, Manual, 110 Sheet Binding Capacity, 15 Sheet Punch Capacity, ProClick P110 (7708185)
  • 110-SHEET BINDING CAPACITY – Sturdy machine binds up to 110 sheets, with a 15 page punch capacity. Great for locations where quality is important, with relatively low-frequency binding needs.
  • PROFESSIONAL PROCLICK – ProClick bindings offer users maximum versatility and easy editability. Zip the bindings open and closed with a machine, an editing tool, or just use your fingers.
  • HANDY GUIDE – Convenient guide is imprinted on the machine itself, allowing you to determine the correct spine size for your project. Guide Right feature ensures perfect paper alignment every time.
  • ACCOMMODATES OVERSIZED DOCUMENTS – This binding punch may be small, but it’s also hardworking, accommodating both regular and oversized documents.
  • BUILT TO LAST – GBC stands behind this high-quality binding punch with a limited one-year warranty.
Zutter Innovative Products Bind-It-All Machine V2, Pink
  • Comes with measuring guide for uniform accuracy- create perfectly bound projects, that look professional every time
  • Owire Measuring Templates and Pocket Instructional Manual included
  • The only Binding System you'll ever need
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What to Look Before Purchase The best Binding Machine

Knowing about different models will not do you any good if you do not know what to look for. So, here are a few things that you should keep an eye out for before you buy your binder.

Punching and Binding Capacity

The capacity is probably the deciding factor for most users. However, it all depends on what you need. Do you need something that can handle a lot of paper, or something that can do it fast? Or, do you need something that can bind 300 pages at a time or 600?

Ask yourself these questions when looking through what to get.

In case you are working in a big office setting, you will need something that can bind a lot of pages together as fast as possible.

On the other hand, if you need a binder for small home projects, then a high-end machine is not necessary. It all depends on what you need, so make sure you use that to determine what would be best for you.

The Type of Binding

There are multiple methods to bind documents. The methods include coil, comb, spiral, or thermal binding. However, in a lot of cases, these machines are not able to deliver more than one type of binding.

Because of that, you must know how you intend to tie your documents. Based on what you need, you should get a machine that specializes in your desired method.

A lot of this also depends upon your type of work. Thermal binding is suited for large office environments. Spiral binding is great for academic purposes. So, as you can see, the type you need is dictated by the purpose you want to serve. Hence, you should consider that before you choose.

Size and Weight

Nobody wants to have a large and chunky binder. They want something compact and light. As such, you should try and get something that fulfills your purpose while also being as light as possible.

In-home settings, it is best to look for something light and small. Something that takes up too much space seems unnecessary for this setting. For work, something efficient and heavy-duty is preferred.

This is because the purpose dictates that the machine should be capable of handling loads of work.

Supplementary Features

Each binder has a myriad of additional features that make it better than its contemporaries. These features are distinct and offer a lot to make the product the best.

These include features like a ruler to accurately punch pages larger than the machine's capacity, to features like a scrap drawer that lets you dispose of scraps of papers that fall off while you punch.

These supplementary can raise the value of a machine considerably. They are often distinct from each other. Therefore, it would be wise to look into them thoroughly before you buy.

Handle Positioning

Your orientation is something you should always consider. You will be punching a lot of pages with your machine. If it is located on the wrong side, it might inconvenience you.

This is probably the least important function. However, it is still something you should consider if you plan on using your device a lot. If you are an employer, it is best to go for full handles.

how to use binding machines

Using a binding machine is not as hard as it may seem. Although each unit is unique in the way that they bind, they all usually follow a general guideline. So, for the unaware, here is a guide that will help you use these devices with skill.

Step 1 – First gather an amount of paper equal to or less than the max punching capacity of your machine.

Step 2 – Place them into the punching throat of the device. This is the small gap that is usually located on the base of the machine. They could also be placed on a vertical stand if your machine punches that way.

Step 3 – Once placed, pull on the lever to punch holes into your paper. Repeat this process until you have punched holes in every page you need.

Step 4 – Take a comb or wire (depending on the type) and place it on the dedicated holder (if any).

Step 5 – Take out the pages from the throat and organize them appropriately.

Step 6 – Place the pages onto the comb holder and align the holes with the points of the comb and place it there.

Step 7 – Place the cover page and back page onto the set of documents placed on the comb holder.

Step 8 – Push on the lever to have the comb coil around the documents to bind them accurately.

Of course, not all of them work equally. Electric binders need to press a button rather than pull a lever to punch and bind. Thermal levers are the same, except you do not need to bother punching your pages.

Now that you know the general steps, and what to do in case your unit is a bit different; you are now ready to operate the even the best binding machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do all of these come with comb storage?

Unfortunately, some do not. A lot of the entries on this list favor focusing on making the device compact over keeping a tray for the combs. For those, you will have to store them elsewhere.

2. Do I have to clean these?

These machines do not require much heavy cleaning. However, it is best to perform some level of maintenance to improve its longevity.

3. Can I use all of them to make spiral binding?

As common as spiral binding is, not all binding machines were made to perform them. Make sure to check the specifications of each machine to find out whether it is capable.

4. Is it impossible to punch all my pages at once?

It is unrecommended if all your pages exceed the machine's max capacity. This can damage the blades of the binder and produce unsatisfactory results.

5. Do I have to buy combs separately?

In most cases, yes. Some units exist that provide some materials for free when you buy. However, in most cases, you will have to buy all the other material separately.

6. What is the difference between coil and comb binding?

Coil binding doesn't have any moving parts, while  comb can come open.

7. What if I want to change my project after I bind the pages?

That is not an issue with comb binding. Put the booklet into your binding machine to open the comb and remove the paper if you want to add pages, delete pages, or even just rearrange a few pages. After making any necessary changes, you can close the comb and have a completely new book.

8. What are the benefits of thermal binding machines?

Thermal binding machines are more rapid than comb binding devices. They work well for binding hard covers as well.


Binders are practically a necessity for work purposes. They enrich documents and make them much more suitable for your boss or teacher. These are also great tools to help you craft your own books and notepads.

Hopefully, this guide will help you choose the best binding machine for your purpose. Good luck, and happy binding!


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