Best Calculator For Fe Exam Reviews

Whether you are preparing for science-based, or an art-based exam, you can’t miss finding some calculations that need the assistance of an advanced scientific calculator. You need to pass that exam, and one of the determinants is the type of calculator that you use during that sitting.

Due to the vast variety and types that you can find on the market, not all will be suitable for that particular subject, and you need to have the best calculator for fe exam , one that integrates all the functionalities that you are looking forward to using.

Gone are the days when we had to cram every formula so that we can pass our exams. Scientific calculators have come to save the situation, and you can now calculate complex analysis problems, trigonometric functions, linear regressions, calculus, accounting, and any other kind of calculation due to the capacity that is found in these calculators.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter the area of specialization that you are since the calculators that we are going to avail to you are suitable for engineering, accounting, medical, and virtually every other field.

What about when looking for the best calculator for the exam? We would not dwell here much for now since we have a guide that comes after the review of the five best scientific calculators that we have researched.

Just a snapshot of the same, you should look for functionalities, durability, battery life, and other features that we will mention later. Therefore, our picks of the best calculators include the following:

Top 5 Best Calculators For Fe Exam

1. Casio fx-115ES Scientific Calculator

FX-115ESPLUS Casio FX115ESPLUS Scientific Calculator Black 1-Pack 1

This calculator comes with an intuitive design making it easy to use. What determines the quality of every calculator is the quality that comes with it apart from the functionalities that are integrated into it. Casio fx-115ES Scientific Calculator is a suitable option for every student who is preparing for the exam.

There is, of course, a large display that gives you clear values that you don’t have to strain much to read your results. Therefore, Casio fx-115ES is the best exam calculators and comes at an affordable cost.

Casio fx-115ES features excellent functionalities; that is 280-functions making it a top-drawer for different types of calculations. That is the versatility you need so that you can also enjoy it for other calculations apart from exams.

Some of the functions that you get with Casio fx-115ES include the standard deviation, fractions, statistics, and linear regression just to mention a few. I can’t forget to mention the table function that features to make this product the best calculators for exam.

When it comes to the suitability, this impressive calculator is suitable for high-school, university, and college students.

Highlighted Features

  • Prefect for High school and college students
  • Natural Textbook Display and improved math functionality
  • Powered by solar power and features battery backup

2. HP 35s Scientific Calculator

HP 35s Scientific Calculator

If you are in the field of med, engineering, survey, or finance and you are preparing for your end-year or mid-term exam, HP 35s is the best exam calculator and comes to give you the value that you are looking for.

That does not mean that the calculator is not suitable for other courses, of course, it is versatile and works even for commercial calculations. You have every feature that you want, and that includes LCD screen, adjustable contrast, and over 100-functions.

The other good thing that comes with HP 35s calculator is the capacity to memorize your formula so that you can use them later.

You also need to look at the battery life. The calculator has been tested and if you are going to use it for 1-hour daily, it can last for about nine months. Isn’t that awesome? Of course, you don’t want to get disappointed when you are in your exam room.

There is also a protective case that comes with the calculator just to ensure that it is safe against shock. Sometimes you can drop it accidentally, but the case will take care of the shock so that it does not break easily.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for Engineering, Surveying, Science, Medicine work
  • Widely used for SAT Reasoning Test; SAT Subject Tests in Mathematics Level 1 and Level 2; ACT; PSAT/NMSQT; AP Chemistry/Physics; PLAN; EXPLORE
  • 30kb memory
  • Memory registers: 800

3. Texas Instruments TI30XIIS Calculator

HP 35s Scientific Calculator

This is the type of a calculator that is reliable and worthwhile. If you need to have the best calculators, you should consider this wonderful option as it features every function that you will need for your calculations.

It is suitable for engineering, medical, finance, and any other faculty that involves huge calculations. You don’t need to miss out on this one. Its blue color makes it even attractive and unique so that you can easily identify from the others. The display is awesome and you can read all your values without strain.

Combining all the features, functionalities, and its weight makes this product the perfect calculators for exam. It is certified and approved by the ACT so that you can rest assured of what you are buying.

Texas Instruments TI30XIIS Calculator is one of the tough choices that you can have for your studies throughout your coursework. That means it will not only be suitable for that exam that you are preparing for but also for all that you will have in future.

This is undoubtedly the best scientific calculator that does not come to disappoint.

Highlighted Features

  • Calculator is perfect for middle school classes, late elementary classes.
  • Capable to use in PSAT*, SAT*, ACT*,  Math AP* Exams
  • Use very low power

4. Casio fx-300MS Scientific Calculator

TI-30XIIS? Scientific Calculator, Blue

Perhaps Casio is one of the popular and most renowned brands since it has penetrated every market. It is one of the most reliable calculators that does not disappoint. Therefore, if you need the calculator for fe exam that comes with a worthwhile value, Casio fx-300MS is the choice.

The calculator comes with a 2-line display that makes it easy to read and to view all the values of your workings. The calculator is suitable for virtually every course since it comes with 240-functions to see you through your calculations. You can have your formula saved for future use and that is one of the advantages of this iconic model.

For everyone who has ever encountered Casio fx-300MS, you will bear witness that it is the best reliable calculator, durable, and comfortable for every student to use.

The calculator also comes with features that include multi-replay function, nine-variable memories, and slide-on hard case to take care of the shock.

The key layout is just awesome since you can easily spot the function that you want to use so that you can’t use a lot of time trying to look for it. That means you will save your time as well when using this.

Highlighted Features

  • 240 functions
  • Multi-replay function
  • 9 variable memories
  • Solar power with backup battery

5. Helect H10002 Scientific Calculator

Helect 2-Line Engineering Scientific Calculator, Suitable for School and Business (Black)

Here comes another professional best scientific calculator that is renowned for its accuracy and reliability. It is the best calculator, and you need it if you are preparing for your CATS or end-term exams.

It doesn’t matter. What matters is the service that it will give you for your calculations. The product comes with a durable and robust battery leave alone the calculator itself. You will have access to 2-in line display that shows you all your entries and the results on a different line.

Therefore, it is an excellent choice to make and is suitable for every student regardless of the faculty.

Everything is clear, the key-layout, the buttons, the display, and the design that come with the calculator makes it a worthwhile piece for every student. As a former statistics student, I can attest to the fact that this calculator is worth it.

You can do all your calculations; standard deviation, mean, mode, median, regression analysis, real analysis calculations, and more. It is made to fit the needs of both high-school and college students.

The other quality that comes with this excellent scientific calculator is its durability, versatility, and the favorable price that is suitable for the budget.

Highlighted Features

  • Professional grade scientific calculator with 240 scientific functions
  • Solid sliding protective case covers
  • Scientific/engineering notation modes

How to choose the best calculator for fe exam Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the best scientific calculators for exam , it is not a rash decision to make. You need to invest your time in research and analysis of the various brands and types. There are so many scientific calculators out there, and without the guide, you can be overwhelmed with making your choice, Of course, you don’t want to be defeated, and that is the reason we have brought this guide.

What do you need to know before buying your calculator for fe exam? Have a look at the following consideration factors that should inform the choice of your calculator. It includes:

  • Display
  • Functionalities
  • Battery
  • Durability
  • Budget
  • Versatility


The calculator of your choice should be able to do all the calculations for your faculty. If you are an engineer or a statistician, you should be able to do all statistical, and engineering problems with your calculator.

For financial calculations, you need to have the best calculator that is suitable for that and that is portrayed by the functionalities that are integrated into your calculator. The good thing about most of the scientific calculators, especially the ones that we have reviewed above, come with many functionalities making them versatile.


The calculator of your choice should be able to do all the calculations for your faculty. If you are an engineer or a statistician, you should be able to do all statistical, and engineering problems with your calculator.

For financial calculations, you need to have the best calculator that is suitable for that and that is portrayed by the functionalities that are integrated into your calculator.

The good thing about most of the scientific calculators, especially the ones that we have reviewed above, come with many functionalities making them versatile.


When it comes to the battery, you need to ask two questions. Does the calculator come with batteries, any extra? What is the lifespan of the battery? This factor is a must check feature since you don’t want to run out of power when you are in your exam room.

Different scientific calculators that you will find come with varying lifespans of battery and that should bother you. Of course, you would go for the one that can last for a reasonable span of time.

Another thing when it comes to the battery is the size-endowment. Does it make the calculator bulky? Those are some of the things that you need to check.


Everyone is looking for something that can last for a reasonable time. Durability is something that dictates the length of time that you will enjoy using your calculator.

Here, you must check the material that makes everything including the overall plastic quality, the buttons, the screen, and the case. The casing of the calculator is also a plus when it comes to durability since it serves to reduce shock hence prolonging the lifespan of your calculator.

Therefore, if you need to have the best calculator for exam that is durable, you should stick to what we have mentioned.


Of course, you don’t just wake up and pick any calculator without considering the price that comes with it.

You have some budget set for your calculator. Right? Well. Now you need to compare the prices of different scientific calculators so that you can have the most favorable option that comes with all the functions you want, and affordable for your budget.

This is the price that comes with the calculator. It is also imperative to note that price should not press you down into getting a substandard product that will not serve all your needs.


Apart from being the best calculator for your exam, sometimes you might need to use it to accomplish other needs. Therefore, you should consider every aspect of it so that you have a versatile product that can make multifunction. You can have it for your simple financial calculations such as standard addition, and subtraction. In this case, it should be simple to use as well.


All the calculators that we have listed in this guide have been tested and approved by the ACT. You can rest assured that it will perform to your expectations. They are affordable, durable, and versatile, and thus a worthwhile investment for every student.

In addition to that, all are scientific calculators and hence the best for college and high-school students. Any option that you can buy here is worth, and you won’t come to regret.

Therefore, take your time and get one of the best calculator for fe exam needs. All are available on market and is a no-hassle to make your order.


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