10 Best Green Screen Reviews and Buyer’s Guide For 2024 (Updated)

Have you ever considered how major movie production or photography studios get away with incredible effects involving actors, sets, props, or other elements? The simple answer is the “green screen.”  You heard right:

Using the green screen is the secret ingredient behind achieving amazing special effects in movies, TV shows, music videos, and nowadays, even in YouTube videos. If you are your videographer or photographer, you might have used chromakey backdrops before, whether they are black, blue, or green screens.

If, however, you are just starting out in the world of videography or photography, you’ll quickly learn the value of a reliable green screen kit in your arsenal.

Before you go ahead and buy any green screen, it’s a good idea to consult reliable green screen reviews that will point you in the right direction. On the other hand, you might opt to use a green bed sheet to solve your special effects problem.

But, if you want to go the route of the pros, why not pay a little extra and choose from among the many professionally designed and constructed green screens that are available both on and offline?

We have already done some of the legwork for you and have compiled a list of the best green screen options that you can use for your next project.

Our Top 3 Green Screen Picks:

Image Product Name Our Rating Price
LimoStudio 3meter x 2.6meter
Fancierstudio Chromakey Green Screen Kit
Neewer Background Support System

10 Best Green Screen Review:

1. LimoStudio 3meter x 2.6meter / 10foot. x 8.5foot



Dimensions: 120 x 102 inches

Weight: 31.6 lbs

Material: Nylon

Collapsible: No

Wrinkle resistant:  yes

Background Support System, 800W 5500K Umbrella Softbox Lighting Kit Whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer or videographer, the LimoStudio 3 meter by 2.6-meter background support system will make your studio work so much more rewarding.

Not only are you getting the green screen backdrop itself, you receive two softbox lighting diffusers, two white umbrella light reflectors, and three backdrop support clamps.

Of course, what makes this one of the top class green screen lighting kit choices you could use is the crossbar and backdrop support stand along with four light stand tripods, four light bulbs and two sockets that complete the package.

For the absolute pro, this starter lighting kit might not be sufficient but for the beginner, this is a great starting product. Here are a few features that make this one of the best rated green screen backgrounds for your budget.

Highlighted Features

  • The height of the green screen stand can be adjusted from 3.5 feet to 8.8 feet, and the width can be adjusted from five feet to twice as much
  •  The green screen stands are good quality and sturdy
  •  They are also easy to put together
  •  This green screen comes with 3 ¾ inches muslin backdrop clamps as well as backdrop ring holders to be used on the crossbar
  •  This green screen is offered at a reasonable price.

2. Fancierstudio Chromakey Green Screen Kit

Fancierstudio Chromakey Green Screen Kit


Dimensions: 72 x 108 inches

Weight: 11.3lbs

Material: Muslin

Collapsible: yes

Wrinkle resistant: yes

How would you like to get the best rated green screen backgrounds even on a tight budget? With this chromakey green screen and lighting kit from Fancierstudio, it is possible. Not only is this a great start-up tool for YouTubers, amateur video producers, and photographers, it is also a great backdrop for live streamers.

It is so easy to set up and use. The only concern, which you can easily take care of, are the wrinkles caused when the material is folded. A top choice among professionals for many years, chromakey green screen backdrops work well for display banners, photo and video backgrounds, decorations and of course, for special effects.

The chroma green screen is made of 100 percent cotton, and you can wash it in the laundry machine.

Along with your purchase, you will get two daylight fluorescent bulbs which have a capability of 400 watts of output, a sturdy backdrop support stand that can be adjusted to eight feet high and ten feet wide.

You will also get two light stands that are seven feet high, two 33-inch umbrella light diffusers, and two ac adapters. This chromakey green screen and its accessories are best used indoors, and you would need to find the best space in your home or studio to keep everything set up.

Highlighted Features

  • The dimensions of the Green Screen are 6 feet by 9 feet
  •  You get a carrying case to transport the green screen stands
  •  With the green screen, your videos will look extraordinary
  • You will enjoy greater flexibility to create high impact videos and photos once you establish your own green screen production studio.

3. Neewer 2.6M x 3M/8.5ft x 10ft Background Support System

Neewer Background Support System


Dimensions: 24 X 24 inches

Weight: 30.7 pounds

Material: Nylon

Collapsible: No

Wrinkle resistant: No

Have you found the top green screen kit yet? First of all, your kit from Neewer consists of a 6 feet by 9 feet muslin backdrop in three colors – white, black, and green, and six clamps for the screen. In addition, the material is a seamless single piece with finished edges that are not readily torn. Rod pockets are also provided to allow you to hang or drape your green screen backdrop on the crossbar.

The crossbar is made up of four sections to make it easier for you to adjust the width of your green screen. It is also easy to wash using a washing machine. With this green screen, you will surely get the job done. So take your creativity to a higher level with this green screen lighting kit.

You may need to be careful when opening your package with a knife to avoid damaging the screen. The stands may be a little light so they may not be perfect for outdoor use, and too much weight on the bars may weaken them.

Highlighted Features

  • Four sturdy light stands that are adjustable to seven feet
  •  A single head light holder to which you can attach a bulb and an umbrella
  •  Four CFL Daylight Bulb with 45 Watts ratings
  •  Two Umbrellas (33 inches or 84 centimeters)
  •  Two softboxes of 24 inches by 24 inches (60 by 60 cm) dimensions
  • Background stand support (8 ½ feet by 10 feet) and one carry bag.

4. Linco Lincostore Photo Video Studio Light Kit AM243

 Linco Lincostore Photo Video Studio Light Kit AM243


Dimensions: 24 X 24 inches

Weight: 24.8 pounds

Material: Nylon

Collapsible: No

Wrinkle resistant: No

You may also choose a complete kit that you will be able to use both indoors and outdoors. We are talking about the Linco Lincostore Photo Video Studio Light Kit.

This green screen kit for video comes complete with three muslin backdrops (chromakey green, black and white), and fluorescent studio lighting kit which has a capacity of 400 watts. For the price you will pay, this kit offers much more than others at the same or a higher price.

Not only are you getting three backdrops and a lighting kit, you are also receiving a backdrop support system, high-quality studio umbrellas, and a reflector softbox. With this green screen kit, you will be able to make commercial and non-commercial videos and photographs quite easily with no problems.

You may, however, need to iron out the wrinkles before you use the green screen to avoid any shadows and dark areas in your final production. Here’s a recap of the key features you should expect from the Linco photo video studio kit.

Highlighted Features

  • Two studio umbrella reflector softboxes, silver Pheno Photography Square
  • Two soft umbrellas, white 32-inches Photo Studio, premium
  • One carrying bag to put the entire kit in
  • One background support, dimension s 77 inches high by 78 inches wide
  • Four Light stands, Zenith, 77 Inches
  • Four light heads, mini sirrius.
  • Five holders for the backdrop (28 mm diameter) for use on the crossbar.

5. Chromakey Green Screen Kit 800w Photo Video Lighting Kit

Chromakey Green Screen Kit 800w Photo Video Lighting Kit


Dimensions: 120 X 240 inches

Weight: 21.8 pounds

Material: Muslin

Collapsible: No

Wrinkle resistant: No

Your preference may also include another offer from Fancierstudio. The Chromakey Green Screen Kit 800-watt Photo Video Lighting Kit is a complete package that also includes a muslin green screen.

You can certainly use this green screen for your video productions as this is one of the best green screen for streaming. Along with the large green screen, you will receive one sturdy backdrop support that can extend to a height of eight feet and a width of ten feet.

In addition, you receive a light stand of seven feet high, two ac adapters, and two shoots through umbrellas that are about thirty-three inches in diameter. It is so easy to set up and use your green screen for your video and photography projects.

The only thing you need to take care of is to smooth out the wrinkles from the green screen material. Notice that the CLF lighting you will get in the package is for the green screen and not the subject.

You would need other lights for your actors or other subjects. That said, you may also notice that you can see through the green screen when the light hits it. Ensure that you are not using a window with your green screen and that the background is solid. .Highlighted Features

  • In addition to the chromakey green screen, you also get a backdrop support stand measuring eight feet high by ten feet
  • Two 105 watt bulbs capable of 800 watts of output, a seven feet Light stand, and a sturdy carrying bag for the backdrop stand are also part of the package you’ll receive
  • The CFL bulbs are rated for the American standard 120 volts.

6. ePhoto 10 x 20 Muslin Chromakey Green Screen


Dimensions: 120 X 240 inches

Weight: 34.3 pounds

Material: Muslin

Collapsible: No

Wrinkle resistant: No

Now here is one of the best portable green screen selections which is easy to set up and is fully loaded with accessories fit for your studio. The ePhoto 10 x 20 Muslin Chromakey Green Screen is the perfect choice for both amateur and professionals alike.

You are not only getting the green screen, you are also receiving all the facilities for a professional quality lighting and production studio, even on a budget.

The lights you get are large enough to evenly and brightly light the screen. You may, however, find it necessary to use a second lighting kit to light your subjects for Key and Fill. You might also be surprised by this screen’s actual size (remember its 10 feet by 20 feet!), so be prepared to tweak your lights a bit for some fall off in the center.

This muslin green screen is also made of the material that will satisfy your video and photography needs. Here is the list of features and accessories that are included in your green screen package.

Highlighted Features

  • Ten feet crossbars (in four sections)
  • Softbox to soften the lights – one for hair light and two softboxes for the main light
  • Includes four day-light light bulbs for the studio
  • Two tripods light stands to measure 6 ½ feet and light heads
  • Includes a boom arm along with sandbag and stand
  • Two eight feet support stands for the backdrop
  • A deluxe carry bag.

7. Three Prism By Ravelli 9′ X 15′ Cotton Muslin Backdrops


Dimensions: 108 X 180 inches

Weight: 27.4 pounds

Material: Muslin

Collapsible: No

Wrinkle resistant: No

If what you expected from your purchase is a cheap and crappy sheet set but best green screen for zoom, you will be pleasantly surprised. This next recommendation is certainly not a cheap substitute but a real steal for your money.

The Three Prism by Ravelli muslin backdrop is a near professional quality studio gear that will make your video and photography productions pop. The green screen backgrounds are made of heavy 100 percent cotton material with sewn edges to prevent tears and to unravel.

The vibrant green screen retains its color thanks to the special dyes used. A pocket for the tube has also been sewn into the top to enable you to mount your backdrop onto the crossbars. By the way, the four crossbar sections you will get allow the flexibility to use a 6 feet, 9 feet, or 12 feet crossbar extension for your backdrop.

Expect a quick and easy set up for this green screen backdrop with the help of a backdrop support stands that are also sturdy enough to hold up their weights. Crossbars also won’t sag under the weight of your backdrop, and the two tripod stands will also help to support the green screen backdrop.

Take a look at the features you’ll enjoy with this full package by Ravelli.

Highlighted Features

  • Three large-capacity cotton backdrops in three colors – chromakey green, black, white
  • Measures nine feet by fifteen feet
  • A ten feet by twelve feet backdrop stand kit which functions with air spring shocks in the legs
  • Each backdrop is made of heavy 100% Cotton Muslin
  • The carry bag for the stands is the quite heavy duty.

8. LimoStudio Photo Video Photography Studio 6x9ft Green Muslin Backdrop Background

LimoStudio Photo Video Photography Studio


Dimensions: 72 X 108 inches

Weight: 1.25 pounds

Material: Muslin

Collapsible: No

Wrinkle resistant: No

Another of the top rated green screen kit packages we recommend comes to you from the LimoStudio. With your kit, you will receive the photo video studio green muslin backdrop screen. What better way to spend your money than directly with a source you can trust for quality items?

The green screen material is fabricated and lightweight. One feature that you might appreciate is that it is almost wrinkle free, and requires little maintenance to keep it functioning again and again.

It is supplied with five piece backdrop holders and has a maximum weight capacity of five pounds. The light stands and crossbars are, however, not included with your purchase. .Highlighted Features

  • Actual size is six feet by nine feet, the size of a twin bed sheet
  • The surface is non-gloss, so it will not cause light to glare.
  • The green screen is easy to maintain – simply dust the surface, and it should be ready again for reuse.

9. Prism Backdrops by Ravelli 6×10′ (5.7×9′ after pre-shrinkage)


Dimensions: 120 X 240 inches

Weight: 1.85 pounds

Material: Muslin

Collapsible: No

Wrinkle resistant: No

You may want to simply buy the green screen by itself without the other accessories. With the best portable green screen that option is possible. Not only is this Prism backdrop made of heavy 100% cotton material, it is a woven fabric with thicker thread. You will be able to use this Prism green screen more frequently without fear of faded color and wear.

This durable green screen comes in three standard sizes, the small six feet by ten feet, the medium ten feet by twelve feet, and the large ten feet by twenty feet. It, therefore, means you have an option depending on the size and scale of your production.

Note, however, that these sizes shrink just a little after heat treatment, but they are nonetheless enough for your creative production needs.

This green screen is also sewn along the edges to prevent unraveling, and a 3.4 inches pocket for the rod has been sewn at the top of the material. You would need to take care of the wrinkles common to 100% cotton materials.

Although cotton does provide great photographic results, this is made better by removing the wrinkles. Also, take care to avoid stronger colors from interfering with your green screen. See the key features that make this green screen a winner.

Highlighted Features

  • Chromakey green screen is made of 100 percent cotton in three standard sizes
  • Designed as a single seamless piece for easy handling
  • Edges are stitched to avoid unraveling and tears
  • A pocket for the crossbar has been sewn in the top
  • The color is strong and vibrant, not easily faded.

10. Chromakey Green Screen Muslin Backdrop Photo Studio Photography Background


Dimensions: 120 X 240 inches

Weight: 4.89 pounds

Material: Muslin

Collapsible: No

Wrinkle resistant: No

You can also purchase the chromakey green screen backdrop by itself for a lower price. If you are on a budget, or simply want to replace a green screen, this is the option for you. If you need a best green screen for youtube you can go for it.

Even if all you need a green screen for is to provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos, YouTube videos, or retail videos, this backdrop will help you. This is also an excellent solution for the amateur as well as the professional photographer or videographer.

You would, however, need to remove the wrinkles first. Of course, once you get those wrinkles out, the green screen will allow you to produce your awesome videos and photos. One thing to note, the materials are a little thin so you would need to select where you set up your green screens carefully.

Avoid windows where too much light may seep through. The price also is quite reasonable. The highlighted features may convince you to choose this as the top green screen.

Highlighted Features

  • Large green screen, dimensions 20 feet by 10 feet
  • Constructed of high-durability cotton that is also non-pollutant
  • Rod pocket at one end makes it easy to set up and edges are stitched to eliminate tearing
  • Single seamless screen
  • Easy to wash using a laundry machine, also durable.

How to Choose the Best Green Screen Backdrop for Your Business

When choosing your green screen, there are a few essential features that should be considered. These are presented in no particular order:


Of course, the color of your screen should be green. It is best that the green is a uniform shade that does not contain variations in hue and brightness. A faded color will not help you in your project as there would be dull patches of color that make post-production editing more difficult.


The material from which the green screen is made is also an important consideration in choosing the green screen material from among the many options. 100% cotton has been found to produce the best photography results, although it is prone to wrinkles.

Other materials may also be appropriate once they are not too translucent. Heavier materials with a tight weave or high thread count are also ideal. In addition, the material itself should not be glossy as they produce light glares which can detract from the quality of your final video and photo production.


The green screen backdrop is also flexible in that it can be used in a variety of production settings, both indoors and outdoors. A flexible green screen can also be used for large as well as small productions, and for videography as well as photography. Many users rely on these green screens in a variety of settings.


In choosing the  green screen kit for the video you may have to consider the size of the green screen backdrop. For most outdoor productions, the larger the green screen, the better the results. Smaller green screens may also be appropriate for limited spaces or tight shots. What you finally choose depends on your video or photo project.


If you were to choose between a mere bed sheet and the green screen material, which would you choose if you were to pay for it? You would, of course, go for high-quality, professional solutions.

Part of the appeal of the professional green screen is the design that allows you to mount it on a crossbar for the best results properly. Your green screen surface should be quite consistent for lighting and shooting purposes.

Final verdict

Our green screen reviews have presented ten green screen lighting kits that you will find very appealing. Not only are these highly rated by professionals and amateurs alike, these are some of the best options you can use.

Whether you are buying the best green screen backgrounds for chroma key photography and streaming for the first time, or are replacing your green screen, consider these recommendations as a guide.

More and more videos and photographs are featuring special effects that chromakey green screens allow. You too can produce amazing videos and photos using the green screen backgrounds.

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