How To Remove Screen Print From Cotton Shirt [ 4 Proven Methods]

Screen printing is quite a labor-intensive process and you can easily make errors along the way if you’re not careful. Mistakes aren’t just for inexperienced printers. Even seasoned screen printers make errors from time to time. If you messed up when working on your clients’ orders or on your own t-shirts, we’ve got your back. Below, […]

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How To Make Transfer Paper For T-shirts?

Heat transfer papers are one of the most popular methods used for making customized t-shirts. The method is cost-effective and at the same time easy to master, even for pure novices. This makes it suitable for those getting into a new hobby or setting up a new t-shirt printing business. In this article, we’re going to discuss […]

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  • Jenelle
  • Updated December 23, 2021

Best Printer for Waterslide Decals- Reviews and Buyers Guide

Waterslide decals are a fantastic way to transfer graphics on mugs, glasses, and tumblers.However, the soul of a waterslide decal can often be lost due to a poor printer. An ordinary printer has a high probability of ruining an image’s design. Again, it may not furnish the details and spread of colors. Your craft project […]

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How To Laminate Paper At Home Without A Machine

Lamination is a great way to preserve your important documents and favorite photographs. It is like adding a stronger outer layer to your document that’s resistant to getting wet, torn, or catching dirt. That said, you don’t always need a laminator machine to laminate your documents. If you don’t have access to this machine or don’t […]

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How To Get Melted Plastic Off Heat Press: Detail Guide

The high heat that comes out of your heat press machine facilitates high-quality transfers to your garments. But it also has an ugly side which is—it can easily melt plastic or synthetic stuff on your heat platen. Melted plastic mess on your heat press is also hard to remove. You’ve probably tried scrapping the residue but […]

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