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How to Use ID Card Printer: Easy Guide

The new printer just came in. You unbox it with some excitement. You place the printer on the place you have set aside for it – perhaps a table. After that, you plug it into the power supply and connect the printer to your computer via the USB cable or the Ethernet port. What’s next? […]

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How to Shrink Polyester–Step by Step

​Well, I prefer polyester fabric instead of cotton and trust me, I have very valid reasons. Probably you are aware of it as well that polyester fabrics are relatively less susceptible to stains and wear-out. Thus, it becomes the consumer’s favorite go-to material for their daily wardrobe routine. One more thing that hooks me in […]

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How to Make Green Screen Background?

Green screens are a great way to create special effects in your video without having to spend a lot of money. All you need is a green sheet or cloth, and some basic video editing software. Here’s how to make a green screen background: 1. Hang the green sheet or cloth so that it is […]

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How to Use a Green Screen for Photos?

A green screen is a great way to take your photos to the next level. By using a green screen, you can easily add in special effects or change the background of your photo. Choose a location for your green screen It should be a well-lit area with plenty of space around it Hang the […]

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How to Green Screen Obs?

I have been trying to find a good program to do some basic video editing for a while now. I have finally found one that is called “Green Screen Obs”. This program is very easy to use and it has a lot of features that I need. The best part about this program is that […]

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