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How To Remove Screen Printing from Clothes [6 Effective Ways]

Screen printing is extremely popular for businesspeople hobbyists alike for personalizing t-shirts, hoods, and other types of clothes. However, one of the issues you’ll have to put up with this method is making mistakes from time to time. And forcing you to remove the screen printed designs from your clothes to re-do it correctly. This guide will […]

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How To Heat Press A Hat – A Complete Guide

Thanks to the advent of heat press machines, items like hats that were seemingly impossible to print on can now be easily personalized with your business logo, image, text, or any other design of your choice. To heat press a hat, you can use a standard heat press machine or you can get a heat press […]

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How Long Does It Take To Knit A Scarf?

If you’re planning to knit a scarf for the first time, you might get curious as to how long the process will take. Is it hours, days, a week, or a month? The time it takes to knit a scarf depends on the length and width of the scarf, thickness, complexity of the pattern, needle size, […]

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How to Remove Screen Printing from a Shirt Easily?

Screen printing is one of the most versatile techniques. It is used in a number of different industries, with the fabric being the most popular one. The technique is extremely efficient as it allows easy reproduction of a design multiple times. However, if you are new to screen printing, you will inevitably make mistakes. But everyone does, […]

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DIY Guide on How to Soften a T-Shirt

If there is a proper synonym for t-shirts, it has to be versatility. From casual clothes to everyday companions, from classy accompaniments to fashion statements, from merchandise to pajamas, t-shirts are everywhere. But why t-shirts? The answer lies in comfort. T-shirts are quite literally the most comfortable piece of clothing present in anyone’s wardrobe. However, like everything else, […]

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T-shirt Printing Materials Checklist for Beginners

DIY printed t-shirts have always been all the hype, and gradually more people are looking for ways to become better at t-shirt printing. Some might do it for fun, some might be thinking of making a living out of it, but one thing is for sure, a t-shirt printing materials checklist for beginners is an […]

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