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Epson Sublimation ICC Profile Download | Sublimation Downloads

The International Color Consortium (ICC) was founded in 1993 with the goal of developing a vendor-neutral color management system that would work on any operating system. In both display and print, the current ICC Specifications (4.3) provide for color matching when switching between programs or operating systems. An ICC Color Profile defines a mapping between […]

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How To Remove Screen Print From Cotton Shirt [ 4 Proven Methods]

Screen printing is quite a labor-intensive process and you can easily make errors along the way if you’re not careful. Mistakes aren’t just for inexperienced printers. Even seasoned screen printers make errors from time to time. If you messed up when working on your clients’ orders or on your own t-shirts, we’ve got your back. […]

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How To Make Transfer Paper For T-shirts?

Heat transfer papers are one of the most popular methods used for making customized t-shirts. The method is cost-effective and at the same time easy to master, even for pure novices. This makes it suitable for those getting into a new hobby or setting up a new t-shirt printing business. In this article, we’re going […]

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  • Jenelle
  • Updated December 23, 2021