How to Print on an Envelope with hp Printer

One great way to save money on postage and envelopes is to print the mailing address on the envelope. Envelopes with a mailing address printed on them can be purchased at any office supply store, but printing them at home saves the extra cost of buying an envelope.

Printing envelopes is easy, but it may take some trial and error to figure out what settings are best for different types of printers. 

The simple process is just to know which way to feed the envelope into your printer. So, without wasting time, come to the main point how to print on an envelope with hp printer, Let’s get this conversation started.

How to Print on an Envelope with hp Printer?

At first you have to load your envelopes at the right position in the printer. Both inkjet and Laser print have front tray and rear tray-based printer. You can load the envelope in the following ways.

1. Feed envelopes into the printer With Front Tray

If you own a printer with front loading tray, you have to load the envelope from the front side of the printer.

keep the front of envelope facing down and the flap it to the left side of the tray. If the printer is equipped with a paper guard, you need to slide the guard to left until it touches the envelop.

2. Feed envelopes into the printer With Rear Tray

On the other hand, if you have the rear loading tray printer, load your envelope with the front face up and the flap to the left. Like front loading tray printer if you have adjustable paper guard, slide it to the correct position.

3. Setting the Control Panel of your Printer

If the printer is going to be used for first time, it needs to set up the specific driver software provided from cd/dvd with the printer or from manufacturer website. After that you just need to print from different word processing software.

Method 1: Printing The Envelopes On Your HP Printer Using WordPad

The first method is printing envelopes from your Windows Pc using any Hp printer from WordPad software. WordPad comes pre-installed with Windows.

Step One: Click on the Start button of your windows pc and search for WordPad. After having it click on WordPad to Open it.

Step Two: Now go to the File Menu and Click the Page Setup option. Select your envelope type from the Size menu. Then under the orientation section, select the paper format to the landscape.

Step Three: Type the address or necessary details you want to print over the envelope, and then use the formatting tools on the Home tab to align and center the text.

Final Step: Click the File menu, move your mouse cursor over Print option, and then click print preview to ensure if the address is correctly centered and sized.

Now click on the print option and select the pre setup printer to print the envelope. Click on Print option, you will see your typed address is printing on the envelope!

Method 2: How to Print on Envelopes in Word

Printing envelopes at home with Word is a great option for personal or business use. Printing envelopes on your home printer is relatively straightforward and easier than it may seem, and the results are worth it.

To print envelope, we use mailing tools in Microsoft Word for Windows. Word also comes with templates for a variety of envelope types and designs.

Step One: Click on Windows button and search for Microsoft Word. Alternatively, type “winword” in run, it will open MS office.  

NOTE: To print multiple envelopes and use the Mail Merge feature, go to Microsoft Support: Mail merge with envelopes .

Step Two: Now it will open a dialogue box name Envelopes and Labels where you have to the delivery and return addresses.

Step Three: Under the dialogue box, there is a option button, select the envelope size, font, and printer feed method, and then click OK.

Final Step: Click on the Print Option to print on the envelope. Now, you know how to print different envelopes of different sizes and styles.

CAUTION: Do not print envelopes with clasps, windows, shiny surfaces, or coated linings to avoid jams and printer damage. If you have a LaserJet printer, avoid using envelopes containing self-stick adhesives or other heat-sensitive materials.

Final Words

It can be tedious to print on envelopes with HP printers, but the process is achievable. You just need to know what you're looking for and how to trick your printer into doing what you want.


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