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10 Best Dry Erase Markers Reviews for 2022 (Updated)

Imagine life without best dry erase markers! It’s hard to believe that prior to the mid-1990s the only markers you had were permanent and not easily erased. With the invention of the whiteboard, it became obvious that permanent markers could not continue to be the only option.  It is no wonder, therefore, that a marker that […]

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Best Glass Markers: What Works and Which to Choose

Glass markers come in surprisingly handy around the home, especially if you like a bit of crafting. Perhaps you like to have friends round for a drink, in which case, glass markers may come in particularly useful. If you run a business and want to add a contemporary spin to notice boards and menus, you may […]

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Top 10 Best Watercolor Pencil for Beginners and Professionals

Watercolor pencils are a great way to create watercolor art without the mess. This often-overlooked art medium is also a good way to create watercolor art for people who have little or no experience in painting. If you’re ready to create your own watercolor masterpiece but haven’t found the right tools to do so, you’ve come […]

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Best Watercolor Brushes For Stunning Paint Work

When it comes to painting and artistry, having the right tools is essential to producing a beautiful and satisfactory result. When it comes to painting, your brushes can make all the difference in the slightest details.  Watercolor painting is an especially tricky medium to work with, so it’s important that you have the best watercolor […]

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