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I want to live in a world where we embrace our individuality. I want to live in a world where we are encouraged to innovate- to seek new solutions to every day problems that will ultimately affect our future generations. Hi! I'm Jenelle. Though these days I am most frequently referred to as Mommy, I used to hold such titles as President, Waitress, College Student, Mud Bog Racer, and I even donned a big furry cat suit in high school as Suzy Stateliner- the school mascot! Between crushing cars with Monster Jam trucks, judging silly dance contests, and those other less fun household chores... I rescue clothing and textiles from our landfills.

How to Fix Filter Failed on HP Printer? (Solved 2022)

Seeing an error message pop on your screen can be such a turnoff. Maybe you are rushing to clear some backlog, then oops! Filter failed error. Where do you even begin? Are there any quick fixes you can hack? If you’re here because the worst has happened, worry no more. This piece will enlighten you on […]

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Best Printer for Carbonless Paper | Top 5 Reviews in 2022

The carbonless paper makes the best choice when it comes to creating new forms and getting them printed immediately from the printer. Some of the important business documents you print on carbonless papers include invoices, receipts, work orders, or anything that requires multiple copies. So you see how important they’re. But now comes the trickier part! What are […]

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10 Best Permanent Fabric Marker Reviews and Buying Guide (2022)

One of the easiest ways you can transform an ordinary item into something more appealing is to add a colorful drawing, pattern or design. Expressing your creativity on fabric in this way is easily achieved with the best permanent fabric markers available. Using fabric markers to sketch, doodle, or draw designs on T-shirts, denim, or other […]

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Best Printing Calculator For Accountants: Top Picks in 2022

In this digital age where many businesses have moved totally to digital equipment, some professionals are still not completely paperless. There are many reasons for this. One of the analog tools still being used by professionals such as accountants and finance professionals is printing calculators. The reason for this is because they are convenient and deliver […]

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Best Die Cut and Embossing Machine: Top-Rated Picks for 2022

Whether you are a designer, artist by trade, or simply a scrapbooker and hobby enthusiast, the best die cut machine is out there waiting for you. With so many different brands and models on the market to choose from, the search can seem daunting. We read countless customer reviews, conducted extensive research, and tested out different […]

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