How To Remove Printer Ink From Paper: 8 Effective Methods

Have you ever made mistakes while writing in your journal, filling out some forms, or signing important documents? Perhaps, you finished printing a lot of copies or handouts only to realize that you encoded the wrong information!

Printer ink is especially hard to remove once it’s on a page. Now, What to do ?

Don’t panic. There are a few ways to remove printer ink from paper without damaging your precious work and documents and save yourself from a lot of hassle. 

What You Should Do Before How to Take Off Ink from Paper

There are three things you will need to do to fix your mistakes in regards to printer ink.

  • Determine the ink type
  • Check the type of paper
  • Evaluate the number of errors or ink applications

Considering these factors might help you choose the best procedure and tool for correcting your mistakes. In this way, you can take out ink without having to damage the paper or the pages of your book.

Fortunately, ink types like printer ink, pen ink, and fountain pen ink are removable. However, others such as marker ink and calligraphy ink ink may be difficult to remove for homemade remedies, and may need special restorations tool. Unfortunately, few inks are tough nuts that just won’t become erasable any longer.

Let’s discuss briefly how to remove printer ink from paper without damaging the paper. 

Removing Inkjet Printer Ink from Paper

Usually, in inkjet printer we use liquid, dye or pigment based ink. This is because for being reliable and cost-efficient.

Removing these types of ink from the documents is bit easy. But, it depends on how long the ink has settled in paper. The fresher the ink, the easier it is to remove.

Method 1: Simply Dab The Ink With a Soft Cotton Ball 

After printing the ink remains wet for a few seconds before it’s permanently there. That time quickly get a soft cotton ball and light dab the spot. Do not rub the spot aggressively as it will ruin your whole process. 

Avoid making rough motions ,this will just spread the ink all over your paper and make it worse.

Simply Dab The Ink With a Soft Cotton Ball

Method 2: Use a Razor Blade Carefully

If there is no cotton ball near to your hand then just use a razor blade to remove the ink form paper. 

Simple take the razor and scrap the top layer gently. Remember,  follow just a single direction when scraping the print. This might be very effective when the paper is thick as scraping the paper will be thin. 

Use a Razor Blade Carefully

Method 3: Erase with using sandpaper

This method is similar to using the razor blade method. The method works to get inkjet printer ink out form the thick paper. 

Remember rub the paper gently rather you might make hole on the paper. As like razor follow just a single direction when scraping the print and avoid all over the page. 

Use a Sandpaper

Method 4: Try using an ink eraser pen

If you use fountain pens, highlighters, or writing instruments that are creatively crafted with washable ink, you won’t struggle with getting rid of them. Some manufacturers produce eraser pens or eradicator pens to work with washable blue ink, so you can cover up and rectify them.

Someone may reference the Pelikan Super Sheriff Ink Exterminator, which spreads out microscopic surfaces encountered during erasure.

They are usually double-sided; a proofreading pen on one end and a pen at the other end that delivers a special blue ink that only can be directed over the corrective fluid.

Method 5: Use a White Correction Fluid

If you’re unable to remove the ink from the paper using the above methods , try the this technique. It requires allowing the ink to absolutely dry and applying the white liquid onto the paper.

It does not actually remove the ink, but it does allow you to overwrite a layer on it. Thus, it can help you to avoid the steps it normally requires.

Use a White Correction Fluid

Removing LaserJet Printer Ink from Paper

Laser printers are quite popular because they are capable of fast printing numerous pages at once. Laser printer don’t require a lot of maintenance compared to inkjet printers. 

Inkjets print with liquid ink while laser printers use toner, that is a powder mixture powder. Since the toner used in laser printers is melted and fused onto the paper at high temperatures, this process is more reliable than inkjet printing and results in a more permanent toner to paper bond.

The ink is also a bit trickier to remove from paper compared to inkjet printing. So how do you do that? Let’s try different methods. 

Method 6: Apply acetone or nail polish remover

Acetone is an excellent alternative to using anything else. Nail polish remover is an another effective hacks that you can try to remove the ink . Dip a small cotton ball into the substance like a pen, then use it to rub the damaged area. It will take effect immediately.

Make sure to place a tissue under the paper to prevent ink transfer on your book, table, or other surface. Rub the cotton on the ink until it’s entirely removed using a clean cloth. Use a clothing iron and heat the paper to dry it.

Combine Acetone with a Cotton Ball


Acetone is an extremely toxic chemical, so make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly before and after you use acetone.

Wear protective hand gloves if you can, and do not let acetone get into your skin, or get it near your nose or mouth. Also, it should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Method 7: Cover it with a correction tape or Fluid

The optimal approach to removing printer ink from paper is to cover it with a correction tape or fluid. This erasing tool is designed to conceal printer ink or pen ink without inflicting harm to the paper.

A correction tape is like a tape that hangs on the paper. You merely draw it across the paper to blot out any mistakes. It has no drying time. Write over it right after applying it. A correction fluid also blots out xerox writings. You need to let it dry before you can write over it.

Cover It With A Correction Tape Or Fluid

Method 8: Apply rubbing alcohol

To remove printed ink from your paper or documents you can rub alcohol on the surface. As it is a strong chemical compound, you just need to use a bit of it. Oh yes don’t pour the alcohol directly over the ink then ink will spread on the paper. 

Soak a cotton bud in alcohol and then, apply it to the ink you need to remove. Do this carefully and slowly. Don’t press it harshly on paper as it can rip or pierce the paper.

Apply Rubbing Alcohol


You have learned how to remove printer ink from paper without damaging the paper after making a few the necessary tweaks. With the right tools and requisite hacks, it is not that challenging to reverse the damage.

But as we know, prevention is better than cure in this case. So, make sure to regularly test your printer to make sure it functions properly. That’s the best way to keep your documents safe in whatever printing job.


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